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Draven Stoner

  • Industrial Revolution

  • 1st successful steam engine built

    The steam engine worked faster at driving machinery.Steam engines were used in mines and factories and even in textile mills.
  • mexico declares independence

    Military officer Agustin de Iturbide believed he could end the mexican independence movement for good.Iturbide switched sides for the revolutionaries during the liberal revolution in spain which may take some of his power away
  • micheal faraday's dynamo

    Discovered the connection between magnetism and electricity.the dynamo generated electricity by moving a magnet through a coil of copper wire.
  • taiping rebellion

  • sepoy mutiny in india

  • karl marx "das kapital"

    put forth his arguments against capitalism and how it disrupts the relationship between labor and profit.thought there should be a direct connection between one's work and one's pay.
  • the meiji restoration

  • franco-prussian war

  • spanish-american war begins

  • boxer rebellion

  • russo-japanese war

  • franz ferdinand was killed

    decided to visit the city of Sarajevo.Gavrilo Princip shot and him and his wife Sophie
  • US joins WWI

  • lenins bolshevik revolution in russia

    Sought to change life in russia by revolution.wanted to overthrow the czar so the industrial workers could gain the power to rule russia as a socialist country.
  • treaty of versailles is signed

    forced germany to take full responsibility for the entire war.limited size of military haad to return all conqured lands and had to pay war reparations which crippled the economy
  • mussolini's fascist party in italy

  • russia becomes USSR

    Economy was beggining to improve and the lands around it created a new country.vladimir lenin died after a series of strokes leaving a struggle for control.
  • stalin's rule in the USSR begins

    took a different approach with communism leadership.believed a totalitarian lifestyle would strengthen communism.
  • black tuesday stock market crash

    investors feared tat stock prices may dop so nervous ivestors sold all of own stocks.only a few people wnted the stocks that flooded the market stock prices collapsed completely.
  • hitler becomes chancellor of germany

    after released form prison continued to work to gain power.the effects of the great depression helped his cause and promised to rebuild his army
  • hitler attacks poland WWII begins

  • us declares war on japan

  • japan attacks pearl harbor

    a planned suprise attack by general Hideki Tojo.aircraft carriers had been approaching unntocedfor two weeks
  • D-day

  • atomic bomb dropped on hiroshima

  • nuremberg trials held

  • apartheid in south africa

  • korean war is fought

  • mao zedong's people's republic in china

  • fidel castro's communism in cuba

  • meiji restoration

  • vietnam war is fought

  • mihail gorbachev power in USSR

  • persian gulf war begins

  • USSR collapses back into russia

  • NAFTA is formed

  • WTO is formed