Chaela Herron

  • Industrial Revolution

  • 1st successful steam engine is built

    1st successful steam engine is built
    this means that factories did not need to build by the rivers they could use steam. so they can build by roads where supplys are closer.the steam engine ment that they now have steam locomotive for faster transport
  • Mexico declares its independence

    Augstin de Iturbide made a three part proposal about how Mexico will gain independence. The frist part is that Mexico will gain independence but with a monarch. The second part is creoles and peninsulares would have equal rights. And The thrid is the Roman Catholic Church would be the official church of Mexico
  • Michael Faraday's dynamo

  • Taiping Rebellion

    Began in China which claimed 20 million lives. It was lead by Hong Xiuquan who believed that he was the brother of Jesus and wanted to create a Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace. Hong and some others controlled the city of Nanjing. Although the Qing dynasty was victorous the cost was TERRIBLE.
  • Sepoy Mutiny in India

  • Karl Marx's "Das Kapital "

    Karl Marx's "Das Kapital "
  • Meiji Restoration

  • Franco- Prussian War

  • Spanish-American War begins

    This war began because a Battle ship blew up and America jumped to conclussions that the spanish did it. America instantly went to war with the spanish. We won the war in the end.
  • Boxer Rebellion

    China was humiliated by the west produced several movements on restoring China's glory. the boxer rebellion began in !899 when Boxers started attacking missionaries and chinese converts to Chirstianity. At the end Chaina was more humiliated that before.
  • Russo-Japanese War

  • Franz Ferdinand is killed

    Franz Ferdinand is killed
    On June 28, 1914, as Franz Ferdinand 's car drove through the Sarajevostreets, a young Serbian man, Gavrilo Princip, opened fire with his pistol, killing the archduke and the archduke's wife, Sophie.
  • Lenin's Bolshevik Revolution in Russia

    Lenin's Bolshevik Revolution in Russia
  • U.S. joins WWI

  • Treaty of Versailles is signed

  • Mussolini's Fascist Party in Italy

  • Russia becomes the USSR

  • Stalin's rule in the USSR begins

  • Black Tuesday Stock Market crash

  • Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany

    Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany
  • Germany attacks Poland- WWII begins

  • Japan attack on Pearl Harbor

  • U.S. declares war on Japan

  • D-Day

    they were planing a full scale invasion on europe. they wanted to mislead hitler about where the invasion would be at. on D-day 150,000 troops storm the beaches of normandy and took it.
  • U.S. drops A-Bomb on Hiroshima

    U.S. drops A-Bomb on Hiroshima
  • Nuremberg trials are held

  • Apartheid in South Africa

  • Mao Zedong's People's Republic of China

  • Korean War is fought

    wanted to join north and south korea together.united states and UN invaded to drive north korea out of south korea and pushed them way north.then china got involved and allied with korea to fight the american and british
  • Vietnam War is fought

  • Fidel Castro's Communism in Cuba

  • Mikhail Gorbachev power in USSR

  • Persian Gulf War begins

  • USSR collapses & Russia is back

  • NAFTA is formed

  • WTO is formed