By ryhawk
  • American Federation of Labor

    American Federation of Labor
    Samuel Gompers helped establish the AFL which was one of the labor unions that formed during this time which was a social change
  • Hull House

    Hull House
    Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr opened Hull House, which was settlement house located in Chicago, Illinois, and provided social services to poor immigrants. This was a social change in this era with helping the unfortanate
  • How the other half lives

    How the other half lives
    the photographer, Jacob Riis, published a book filled with photographs of how the poor lived and the conditions these places were. This was a social change by exposing to the public what some people were going through.
  • Sherman Antitrust act

    Sherman Antitrust act
    congress passed its first bill to interfear with creation of monopolys. This connected to this ear by legisation taking charge for change.
  • Socialist party of america

    Socialist party of america
    Many Americans supported the ideas of Socialism for the people which would potentially stabilize income and equality. These Socialist mainly attempted to reform American economical policies and end capitalism. This was social change by the citizens taking a stand.
  • New President

    New President
    On this date, president William Mckinley, was assignated making his vice president Theodore Roosevelt become the new president. This was the start of the new president with progresive ideas to better the country. This was legstation by him becoming president
  • The Black Hand

    The Black Hand
    at this time in the new century, over 650,000 people immigrated to the US with many being itialian. These people hoped to achive the american dream but found how hard it was and turned to crime. There ways of making it to the top was through creating mafias and commiting crime fore money. This connected to the progressive era by social changes with new immigrants.
  • Meat inspection act

    Meat inspection act
    Upton Sincalrs book the jungle exposed the public to the conditions of the meat products they are consuming. This is legistlation by this made congress pass a inspection act
  • teddy roosevelt

    teddy roosevelt
    under his presidency he has passed many progressice acts under the square deal. He doubled the amount of national parks and 50 wildlife sanctuareys were built. This was legistation by it all being passed through congress
  • 19th amendment

    19th amendment
    after many protests by women suffragists, the 19th amendment was created which now allowed women the right to vote. This was part of the progressive era by it being a added constitutional amendent to stop furthering the divided between men and women