History of Easter Island- By Nathan and Evan

  • May 5, 1200

    Construction of Moai Begins

    Around 1200 A.D. the various tribes on Easter Island began their construction of strange statues, that are essentially enormous bodies that lack the torso.
  • May 5, 1500

    Construction of Moai Finishes

    The construction of the Moai was halted around the year 1500 due to limited resources, and rising conflict between the various tribes.
  • Environmental Collapse

    Before this date all the the trees on Easter Island are cut down.
  • European disovery

    On this day Dutch explorer Jacob Roggenveen discovers the island and gives it its name
  • War begins

    The war is faught between clans until 1750
  • Moai Toppling

    It started slightly before this date, and ended after 1838 with almost all the Moai knocked over
  • Black-birding

    This is the term used to describe the practice of kiddnaping and tricking Rapanui for manual labour by Europeans. Acounts of it first occuring in 1805.
  • Lowest Point

    All but 110 individuals are dead at this point, and most of their history and culture has been lost.
  • Polynesians Arrive at Easter Island

    Sometime before 900 A.D. settlers from other polynesians settle on Easter Island