1750 - 1918 Major Events

  • Boston Tea Party

    American colonists were being taxed by the Brittish government. The rallying cry for the Americans was "no taxation without representation". When the Brittish did not remove a tax on tea, the Americans dumped a load of tea into Boston Harbour.
  • Decloration of Independence

    When the British military governer tried to seiz American weapons, battles broke out between the two countries. This led to the decloration of Independence. This announced the formation of the United States of America.
  • The Discovery of Uranus

    William Herschel was an astronomer who built his own telescope to look at the stars. While he was looking he came across this planet. Thsi contributed astronomy and the founding of other planets.
  • The First Fleet

    11 ships left from Portsmouth, England on the 13th of May 1787. They arrived at Botany Bay and realised that it was unsuitable for settlement. Captain Aurthur Phillip then became the 1st leader of an Australian Colony, New South Wales.
  • Storming of Bastille

    In 1789 a French Mob stormed the Parisian prison were seven prisoners were kept. They stormed this prison as there was a huge store of explosives. This date is stilla public holiday in France.
  • Reign of Terror

    In 1793 Louis XVI was executed by the Guillotine. The French population was then divided. Thsi instituted a "Reign of Terror" which led to 16594 prisoners being executed.
  • The Industrial Revolution

    The Industrial Revolution showed that economy began to grow. There were also canges in the way goods were transported. This impacted the world in many ways.
  • The Lousiana Purchase

    The United States bought a piece of land off the French to make up their country. They purchased a piece of land about a third the size of their country. This is a big part in the way that the United States is shaped today.
  • The American Civil War commences

    The civil war was between the Northern ans Southern states of America. This war would be the "testing ground" for many weapons in the 1st World War. This was also the 1st War to be Photographed.
  • The American Civil War ends

    In 1865 Robert Lee surrendered the war to Ulysses Grant. Lee's troops became tired and worn out which forced the surrender. Grant took advantage of this and attacked Lee's troops.
  • First Country Allowing Women to Vote

    New Zeland was the first country to give women the right to vote. This lead to other countries giving women the right to vote. It also lead to women becoming equal in society with men.
  • Invention of the Lightbulb

    Thomas Edison was the first man to create an electrical lightbulb. This was a step up from the wax candle which had little light output. This invention changed the world and the way we work today relies heavily on it.
  • Boer War

    In the 1980's Africa was shared between the Brittish and The Dutch Boers. When Gold and Diamonds were discovered on Boer Land The Brittish launched an Attack. Australia's colonies rushed to help the Brittish efforts.
  • Australian Federation

    On the 1st of January, the 6 colonies of Australia came together to from one Nation. They also developed one government to take responibility for Australia. This became the Commonwealth of Australia.
  • Henry Ford invents the car

    Henry Ford was the founder of the Ford Motor Company. His introduction of the Ford Model T changed the World. After this, he became one of the richest and well known people in the world.
  • The Titanic Sinks

    On this tragic morning, the so called "unsinkable ship" collieded with an iceberg and sunk. The Titanic left for New York from Southampton, England. When it sunk, it was carrying 2223 people.
  • World War 1 commences

    The first World War errupted as a result of the assasination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The United Kingdom, France and Russia fought the Germans and Austrians - Hungarians. The Americans got involved as the Germans threaten to join with the Mexians. As these countries had Allies, much of the world ended up fighting as a result.
  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand Assasinated

    Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assasinated by a member of the Serbian group, the Black Hand Gang. The Black Hand Gang tried to assasinate Ferdinand once before but were unsuccesful. By chance, Ferdinands driver got lost and stopped right next to a member of the Black Hand Gang. He and his wife were then assasinated.
  • World War 1 ends

    It is estimated that 10 million people were killed in World War 1 and 20 million were wounded as a result of action. Australia lost over 50000 men and women. 4 major European empires dissapered as a result of war.
  • Treaty of Versailles Signed

    This was a peace settlement signed after the 1st World War. The treaty was signed between the Germans and the Allies. The treaty was signed at the Versailles Palace as it was large and could fit hundreds of people.