Kuyper images reflection

Abraham Kuyper 1837-1920

  • Period: to


  • Born in Maassluis, The Netherlands

  • University at Leiden

  • Calvin- a Lasco studies

  • Reads heir of Redclyffe

  • Doctorate on Calvin and a Lasco 1863

    Supervised by J. H. Schloten
  • Minister at Beesd

  • Encounters the pious 'malcontents at Beesd

  • Period: to

    Beesd years

  • Begins correspondance with Groen van Prinsterer

  • Pastor at Utrecht

  • Resigns seat in parliament

  • Period: to

    Utrecht years

  • Meets Groen van prinsterer

  • Starts writing for De Heraut

  • Moves to Amsterdam to be pastor of Hermvorde Kerk

  • Editor in chief of De Heraut

  • Produces De Standaard as a daily newspaper

  • Stands for election

  • Leaves pastorate to enter politics

  • Travels to see D L Moody at work in Brighton

  • Breakdown

  • ARP first national political party under Kuyper

  • Takes seat in 2nd chamber -resigns as church minister

  • Free University founded

  • Period: to

    Free University professorship

  • Doleantie

  • His son dies age 9

  • Christian Reformed Church forms

    1834 and 1886 secessions join to form CRC
  • Re-elected to House of representatives

  • Stone lectures on Calvinism in USA

  • Wife dies

  • South-African crisis

  • Period: to


  • Queen Wilhemina gravely ill

  • Rail strikes

  • Russia-China war breaks out

  • Higher Education Law enacted

  • Period: to

    Tour of the Mediteranean

  • Honary title 'Minister of state'

  • 2000th issue of De Heraut

  • Death