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  • Center of Printing

    Center of Printing
    In the 1700s Philadelphia overtook Boston as the center of printing.
  • Period: to

    Seven Years War

    The Seven Years War, also known as the "French and Indian War" started after England officially declared war on France. More and more nations joined till the war spanned over five continents. The war ended with treaties signed at Paris and Hubertusburg.
  • Stamp Act

    Stamp Act
    The Stamp Act was the first direct tax Parliament placed on the American colonies.
  • The Boston Massacre

    The Boston  Massacre
    A rowdy crowd of colonists became more and more hostile towards a group of soldiers, causing the soldiers to fire on the crowd. Five colonists died.
  • The Boston Tea Party

    The Boston Tea Party
    A group of colonists known as the Sons of Liberty, led by Samuel Adams and John Hancock, raided English ships and dumped the loads of tea into the water. Similar, smaller "tea parties" took place throughout 1774.
  • The First Continental Congress

    The First Continental Congress
    Elite delegates from all of the colonies, except Georgia, convened. The Congress issued a document known as the “Continental Association.”
  • Start of the Revolutionary War

    Start of the Revolutionary War
    The war officially started April 19, 1775
  • Common Sense

    Common Sense
    Written by Thomas Paine, Common Sense called the American people to use their common sense and establish independence.
  • The Deceleration of Independence

    The Deceleration of Independence
    The Congress approved the document on July 4, 1776.
  • End of the American Revolution

    End of the American Revolution
    The War officially ended September 3, 1783.
  • Period: to

    The First President

    On April 30, 1789 George Washington took his oath as the first President of the United States. For the next two terms Washington proceeded to take care of the countries.
  • John Jay's Treaty

    John Jay's Treaty
    John Jay signed a "treaty of amity, commerce, and navigation." Unfortunately it failed to end the impressment occurring. The treaty proved unpopular with the American public, but it did accomplish the goal of maintaining peace between the nations and preserving U.S. neutrality.
  • The Cotton Gin

    The Cotton Gin
    Eli Whitney developed the cotton gin in 1794. The cotton gin was for deseeding cotton. It made possible efficient separation of seeds from fiber.
  • The Second President

    The Second President
    John Adams was elected second president of the nation.