Abraham lincoln head on shoulders photo portrait

b7 Jamie P Hannah C Lincoln's power

  • Political Party Leader

    Political Party Leader
    Lincoln helped organize the new Republican party. This is an example of Political Party leader because he ran against his opponents because because he was a talented speaker, had a moderate position on slavery and was a Westerner who could mount a challenge to Douglas.
  • Confederates states are born

    Confederates states are born
    the union was formed
  • Commander and chief

    Commander and chief
    Lncoln makes a proclamation that orders 75,000 mitilamen. This is an example of Commander and Chief because Lincoln lead the North to victory against the South.
  • Executive order

    Executive order
    Emancipation Proclamation set the slaves free within the Confederacy forever. This is an example of executive order because President Lincoln hated salvery and he believed that all men are created equally.
  • Legislative Leader

    Legislative Leader
    Lincoln pocket-vetoed the Wade Davis Bill. This is an example of legislative leader because President Lincoln packet- vetoed the Wade Davis Bill because the south wanted to take a loyality oath saying that they did not support the Confederates which was a lie.
  • Dipolmat

    Lincoln had destroyed slavery and the Old South, and he emerged with a better Union. This is an example of dipolmat because he wanted the South to restore the Union.
  • Chief of state

    Chief of state
    On good friday Lincoln was assassinated at forods theater. A guy shot him thinking it was good for the south but he was wrong it put the peace out of mind. This represents him as chief in state because he went to a public play.