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  • Head of Political Party

    Head of Political Party
    George W bush asked Dick Cheney to run with him as Vice president on July 25, 2000. Cheney was formerly the Secratary of Defence and the White House Chief of Staff. When Bush chose Cheney to be his running mate it was an action of his Head of Political Party role. He, as the leader of his political party, chose a running mate who shared his same opinions and exercised the views of their political party's platform.
  • Executive Order

    Executive Order
    George W. Bush started the No Child Left Behind Act, an Act that raised school standards. This was an Executive decision because he announced a policy that everyone had to follow.
  • Most Important Event

    Most Important Event
    The most important event that occured during George W Bush's Presidency was the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. Thousands of lives were lost because of two hijacked planes that crashed into the Twin Towers in New York. This effected the President because he had to find ways to protect the country from future attacks and find ways to help the effected people. As President, the counrty looked to him to help us through this tragic event.
  • Chief of State

    Chief of State
    Bush throws the first pitch of Game Three of the World Series in 2001. This is an example of Chief of State because even though Bush was dealing with the results of 9-11, he shows that he's just like everyone else. It shows that he shares an interest that many Americans have and he is someone people can relate to. He was being the face of our country.
  • Chief Diplomat

    Chief Diplomat
    Bush meets with the Leader of Russia to sign the Moscow treaty, also known as the Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty (SORT). This treaty was an agrement between the U.S. and Russia to limit the uses of Nuclear weapons. This was the role of Chief Diplomat because President Bush made an agreement with another country as the leader of the United States.
  • Executive Power

    Executive Power
    George W Bush appointed John Roberts to the position of a Supreme Court Judge after Judge William Rehnquist passed away. This was an Executive desicion because he used his Presidential powers to appoint someone to a position. He made an executive decision to appoint Roberts to the postition of Judge.
  • Legeslative Power

    Legeslative Power
    Bush used his Legeslative role on July 19 to veto the Stem Cell Research Act, an act the would have allowed more funds for stem cell research. This is a legeslative role because he was involved in the law making process by not signing a bill.
  • Commander and Chief

    Commander and Chief
    George W. Bush used his powers as Commander and Chief by sending an additional 300,000 troops to Iraq. The majority of Congress disagreed with his decision. But, since he is the chief leader of the military, the troops were sent to Iraq. This is an example of Bush's role as Commander and Chief because he is the person in charge of the military and oversees all of the military actions.