15 Events of the Haitian Revolution

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    Events of the Haitianb Revolution

  • Blacks revolt to improve equality

    Blacks revolt to improve equality
    Blacks hear talk of equality and indipendance and revolt to try to improve theirs too.
  • Dutty Boukman organizes slave revolution

    Dutty Boukman organizes slave revolution
    Dutty Boukman a former slave and voodoo priest oranizes a revolution to try to make the whites leave.
  • Whites kill hundreds of blacks

    Whites kill hundreds of blacks
    Whites Panicked about the revolution, and no one would help so they end up killing hundreds of blacks in attempt to stop the revolution.
  • Louis XVI is executed

    Louis XVI is executed
    France becomes a republic, and other countries take this as an oppurtunity to inavde Hispanola.
  • Toussaint Louverture helps Spain

    Toussaint Louverture helps Spain
    A rebel leader anmed Toussaint Louverture helps SPain get rid of Britian in exchange for peace and equality.
  • Louverture helps France

    Louverture helps France
    Louverture abandons Spain and Joins the Frenchdue to slavery being abolished in France.
  • Peace Treaty

    Peace Treaty
    Spain signs a peace treaty with France.
  • Louverture and Rigaud

    Louverture and Rigaud
    Toussaint and Andre team up from the english island.
  • War of Knives

    War of Knives
    Louverture and Rigaud have a dispute and have a one year war, Louverture wins with the help of the British
  • A Constitution is Born

    A Constitution is Born
    Toussaint creates a constitution out lawing slavery, and voodoo, the main religion of the Haitian people. Also the people of Saint domingue are now citizens of France, and he makes himself ruler for life. This makes the people upset with Louverture's new constitution.
  • Another revolt

    Another revolt
    The people of Haiti are not happy with Louvertures new constitution and accuse him for exploiting for France.
  • War for Independance

    War for Independance
    French invade Saint Domingue, the French capture Louverture, and people continue to fight for the French not nowing they were going to put slavery back into place.
  • War for Independance continues (pt.1)

    The Entire population now resist the French, and Haitians are executed publically.
  • War of Independance Continues (pt.2)

    War of Independance Continues (pt.2)
    The Haitian's use scorched earth policy, and the French finally leave Haiti.
  • After the reolution

    After the reolution
    Everyone refused to trade with Haiti, and no one invaded again. Haitians lost everything from the scorched earth policy. Haiti goes into poverty. Jean Jaques Dessilines crowns himself emperor and creates a constitution.