Carrie's New Orleans Timeline

By Carrie
  • French Foothold

    It was the first time they built a levee to pervent the town from flooding.
  • Lousiana Purchase

    In this time the biggest flood that had ever occured happened and the land was getting bigger.
  • Levees Only Policy

    New Orleans is now the 14th largest US city and continues to grow in population.
  • Spillways and Sprawl

    The Flood Control act was passed saying that the Mississsippi River needs more then levees tio stop all the flooding.
  • Hurricane Season

    Between 1559 to 1969 a recorded 160 Hurricanes struck Lousisana and from that they made the first Hurricane Protection program for the city/state.
  • Modern Times

    It was Hurricane Katrina and it killed more then 1,000 people and left many more homeless. This was a huge strom that had huge impacts on everyone.