• The Black Rock sails from Portsmouth to the Kingdom of Siam

    The Black Rock (believed to possibly be owned by Magnus Hanso's company, New World Sea Traders) sets sail from Portsmouth, England on a trading mission to the Kingdom of Siam, and is lost at sea.
  • Jughead

    * In September 1954, soldiers of the United States Army arrive on the Island and prepare Jughead, a hydrogen bomb, ostensibly for a nuclear test detonation. * Within the next month or two, a group of Others led by Richard Alpert attack and kill the soldiers, assuming control of their camp. * One month later, the fourth time flash occurs.
  • Birth of John Locke

    Emily Locke argues with her mother about seeing her lover, Anthony Cooper. She angrily runs out of the house and into the street, where she is struck by a car. Emily's accident results in the premature birth of John Locke only 6 months into the pregnancy.
  • Birth of Benjamin Linus.

    Emily Linus goes into labor prematurely (being only seven months pregnant) while hiking 32 miles outside of Portland, Oregon with her husband, Roger Linus. Horace and Olivia Goodspeed come upon the Linuses on the side of the road with intention to help. Emily dies after having given birth to Benjamin Linus.
  • Flight 815 Crashed on the Island

    Eight hours after takeoff, Flight 815 nears the Island and encounters turbulence induced from the electromagnetic energy underneath the Swan overflowing due to the system failure. This eventually causes the plane to break up over the Island.
  • The Oceanic Six arrive at the Indonesian island of Sumba

    The Oceanic Six arrive at the Indonesian island of Sumba, near the town of Manukangga, local fishermen witness their arrival.
  • Flight 316

    7th day after Locke's death (Friday):

    * In the dark, ten hours after leaving Los Angeles, Flight 316 begins to experience turbulence, followed by a bright white flash that engulfs the plane.
    * Jack, Hurley, Kate, and Sayid vanish from the plane.
    * The plane is suddenly in daylight before the looming Island and Lapidus discovers the Hydra Island runway and maneuvers the plane to emergency land there.