White area

148-1967 HSS St Albans college

  • National Party wins election

    National Party wins election
    The National party wins the general election.
  • Period: to


  • Daniel Francuious Malan became presedent

  • Prohitatation of mixed marrage act.

  • National part passes Population Regestration Act

    Non whites where relocated into reseves. mixed race families where forced to live seperatly
  • Bantu Homelands act

    Land reserves for black africans became independent nations
  • Groups area Act

  • Abolition of passes and coordenation of ducument act

    This misleading named law requiers africans to carry ID booklets.
  • Bantu education act

    Seperate education for blacks and whites
  • 20000 Women Protesting against pass laws

  • Sharpville massacare

    69 while marching to polise station. ANC and PAC banned
  • South Africa becomes a Republic.

  • Nelson Mandela in jail for high treason

  • District 6 declared a white area

  • Hendrek Verwoerd assanated in Cape Town

    Assanated by Dimeri Tsafendas
  • Soweto Uprising

    Series of hifhschool lead protests. 176 poeple where killed, and Hector Peaterson.