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Timeline: The Rex Krebs case

  • Intruder rapes Oceano woman

    Intruder rapes Oceano woman
    An Oceano woman was raped Sunday morning after she was threatened by a man who forcibly entered her residence, said Sheriff's Department Sgt. Greg Slane.
  • Arroyo Grade woman raped

    Arroyo Grade woman raped
    An Arroyo Grande woman reported that a man burst into her bedroom while she was asleep at 1:30 a.m. and tried to rape her.
  • Arroyo Grande woman raped

    An Arroyo Grande woman reported that a man burst into her bedroom while she was asleep at 1:30 a.m. and tried to rape her.
  • Krebs arrested in Grover City

    Krebs arrested in Grover City
    Krebs, then a Grover City resident, was arrested on suspicion of attempted rape, use of a firearm, and burglary. He was booked into County Jail on $10,000 bail.
  • First victim reported missing

    First victim reported missing
    Rachel Newhouse reported missing by her roommate.
  • Reward offered for Newhouse

    Reward offered for Newhouse
    Gov. Pete Wilson adds $50,000 to a reward fund offered for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of Newhouse's abductor. Combined with money from Newhouse's parents and California Angels baseball player Jim Edmonds, the total reward offered is $110,000.
  • Blood found on Jennifer Street Bridge in SLO

    Police determine that blood found on the Jennifer Street Bridge in San Luis Obispo likely belonged to Newhouse. They theorize she was attacked while walking home from a local restaurant.
  • Second victim reported missing

    Second victim reported missing
    Aundria Crawford reported missing by her mother.
  • Evidence found in Crawford's apt. in SLO

    Evidence found in Crawford's apt. in SLO
    Police say evidence at Crawford's apartment suggested she was abducted possibly by an intruder who entered through a window.
  • Parole agent gets suspicious

    After reading a story in The Tribune about the abduction of Crawford, parole agent David Zaragoza suspects Rex Krebs, one of roughly 100 parolees under his review, might have been involved.
  • Items found in Krebs' home

    After a search of Krebs' home, Zaragoza and state agents find items in Krebs' home believed to have once belonged to Crawford.
  • Krebs violates parole

    Krebs arrested for parole violation at his workplace, 84 Lumber, in San Luis Obispo.
  • Police find blood in Krebs house

    Lab tests conclude that blood found at Krebs' residence was consistent with the blood of Rachel Newhouse.
  • Krebs leads investigators to bodies

    After a lengthy interview at the SLO Police Dept. Krebs asked Detective Larry Hobson to drive around before returning him to jail. The next day, Krebs confessed to Hobson in an employee cafeteria.
  • Bodies found

    The human remains found in a remote canyon near Avila Beach were identified by police Saturday afternoon as Rachel Newhouse and Aundria Crawford.
  • Krebs interviewed in jail

    Krebs interviewed in jail
    Krebs allegedly tells Fresno Bee "I'm a monster," says he deserves the death penalty
  • Krebs arraigned in SLO

    Krebs enters not guilty plea during Superior Court arraignment.
  • Krebs formally charged

    Krebs charged with rape and murder.
  • Krebs murder trial

    Krebs murder trial
    After a preliminary hearing, Superior Court Judge Barry LaBarbera rules that there is enough evidence to pursue a trial.
  • DA seeks the death penalty

    District Attorney's Offices announces it intends to seek the death penalty against Krebs.
  • DA requests change of venue

    Defense attorneys request a change of venue motion because of pretrial publicity in the case.
  • Change of venue denied

    Judge LaBarbera denies change of venue motion, saying attorneys should attempt jury selection before considering a move.
  • Motion to change venue overturned

    An appeals court overturns LaBarbera's ruling and orders the trial moved to another county.
  • Trial moves to another county

    Monterey County selected as venue for Krebs trial.
  • Trial date set

    Krebs trial set to begin.
  • Jurors begin deliberations

    Jurors begin deliberations in the double-murder trial.
  • Krebs found guilty of murder

    Krebs found guilty of murder
    Monterey jury convicts Krebs of two counts of first-degree murder, setting the state for a death penalty trial.
  • Jurors neutral on death penalty

    Five of the 12 jurors who would determine Krebs' fate were either somewhat or strongly in favor of the death penalty, according to surveys they filled out before Krebs' double-murder trial began. The other seven indicated on the surveys that they were neutral on capital punishment.
  • Penalty phase begins

    Witnesses began testifying. Jury to determine whether Krebs should receive the death penalty.