Space Inventions

By bikebob
  • First Rocket to Reach Space

    First Rocket to Reach Space
    A German scientist was the first person to sucsessfully build a rocket to reach space. This rocket was launched on October 3rd,1942 during World War II. This was not intended to go to space; it was a V2 missile that could fly high enough to reach space. It was meant for war.
  • First Artificial Satellite (Sputmik)

    First Artificial Satellite (Sputmik)
    This machine was launched into space by the Soviet Union. The Sputnik can identify the density of the upper atmospheric layer by measuring the orbital change of the satellite. It can travel at 18 ooo miles per hour taking only 96 minutes to orbit Earth.
  • Lunna 2 (first spacecraft to land on the moon)

    Lunna 2 (first spacecraft to land on the moon)
    The first rocket to land on the moon was the Soviet Union's Lunna 2 mission. It's a spherical spacecraft with a long antennae and instrumental parts. Its significance was to perform many experiments by: studying the Moon's chemical composition, gravity, temperature, and radiation.
  • Space food

    Space food
    Maurice King was the person that invented space food. They are packaged in retort pouches or freeze dried. The significance of space food would be to feed the astronauts on board.
  • Mercury Space Suit (first ever space suit)

    Mercury Space Suit (first ever space suit)
    The first ever spce suit made was first used on the mission to Mercury. This was not a full protection suit, it was just un-pressurized and was used for back up if the air pressure was dangerously low in the cabin. This suit has lace up boots, a helmet attached to a collar ring, and gloves. It could not be used for moon landings, and was not even used for Mercury. It could only be used for loss of air pressure.
  • Canadarm1

    The Canadarm was invented and built in 1974-1975 but was launched in 1981. It's unknown who invented the Canadram, but I would say Canada. This 15 m long machine orbits 325km per hr above us and looks like a slowly moving star that blinks lights. It has six moving joints that work like a human arm, operated by remote control, but is also manned by three astronauts living and working on board. It has claws that work like a human hand that can lift up to 32.5 tons of payloads in space.
  • Mars Rover

    Mars Rover
    Most Mars Space Rovers are around 1.6 m long 2.3m wide and 1.5m high. Most people thought that they were tiny little things I bet. It's about 384lbs on Mars and has 6 wheels to carry all that weight. They can travel about 100m per day and is supposed to last 90 days on Mars. The first rover was on Mars on July of 1997.
  • Canadarm 2

    Canadarm 2
    ``Canadarm 2 is a bigger, smarter more grown up verison of the shuttle`s robotic arm``(Chris Lorenz C.S.A`s manager) It weighs 3620lbs and 17.6 m long has seven motorized joints. This machine can inchworm around the I.S.S. Its job is to assemble and maintain moving equipment and supplies around the station, supporting astronauts working in space, and servicing instruments and other payloads attached to the space station.
  • Dextre

    This two armed robot was launched in space in space in 2008. It is headless and and has two 3m long arms. It is attached to the end of the Canadarm 2 giving it 12 joints in total.Dextre keeps the International Space Station (ISS) in ship-shape. Dextre’s role is to perform maintenance work and repairs like changing batteries and replacing cameras outside the ISS.