Timerica Oglesby3

  • 200

    Paleo Indians arrive in 6,000 BC

    First indians to arrive in what is today Tennessee
  • 300

    Archaic Indians arrive in 750 BC

    Archic Indians arrive in Tennessee
  • Mar 28, 1000

    Woodland Indians arrive in 1.000 AD

    Woodlands Indians arrive in Tennessee
  • Mar 28, 1492

    Columbus arrived in America

    In his attempt to reach China,Columbus arrives in the Americas and establishes a claim to the New World for Spain
  • Mar 28, 1540

    DeSota arrives in Tennessee

    Hernando DeSota arrives in Tennessee as he explores North America for Spain.
  • Mar 28, 1542

    DeSota dies

    Hernando DeSota dies near the modern day city of Memphis,Tennessee and is ''buried'' by his men in the Mississippi River.
  • Spanish Armada is defeated

    The defeat of the Spanish Armada allows the French and English to begin settlement in the New World
  • Jamestown is established

    The British establish their first settlement in the New World at Jmaestown,Virginia.
  • First Englishmen in Tennessee

    The First Englishmen visit Tennessee and befriend the Cherokee Indians for the first time
  • La Salle arrives for the French

    La Salle builds a fort for the French near the modern day city of Memphis Tennessee.
  • French Trade at French Lick

    The French establish a trading post at a place they name the ''French Lick'' near the modern day city of Nashville.
  • Long Hunters Enter Tennessee

    Long Hunters ignore the Proclamation of 1763 and enter lands west of the Appalchian Mountains to hunt and trap.
  • French & Indian War Begins

    The Cherokee side with the British against the French.
  • French & Indian War

  • Ft.Loudoun built by British

    The British built Fort Loudoun in what is today eastern Tennessee
  • Cherokee & Bitish Conflict

    The Cherokee & British become enemies
  • French & Indian War ends

    The British win the French and Indian war and it ends with the soghning of the Treaty of Parris
  • Proclamation Line

    The British king George the 3 establishes the Proclamation Line,which is an attempt to keep the land of the various Indian groups out the hands of the American colonists.If doesn't work.
  • Treaty of Ft.Stanwix

    The Brtish buy the Iroqouis Indians' claim the land that is now the states of Kentucky and Tennessee,opening it up to white settlement.
  • Wataugua Settlement

    Wataugua becomes the first white settlement in what is today the state of Tennessee,and was started by William Bean.
  • Hard Labor Treaty

    The British sighns this treaty in an attempt to reserve land in east Tennessee for the Cherokee Indians.
  • Mississippi Indians arrive in 1776

    Mississippi Indians arrive in Tennessee
  • Cherokee in Revolutionary War

    Cherokee Indians help the americans during the War of Independence.
  • Creek Indians & Revolution

    The Creek Indians help the British fight against the americans during the War of Independence.
  • Tecumseh

    Tecumseh leads the Shawnee against the americans in the War of 1812
  • Battle of Horshoe Bend

    Andrew Jackson,with the help of Cherokee,and White Stick Creek Indians defeats the Red Stick Indians (allied with indians)at the Battle of Horshoe Bend.
  • Trail of Tears

    After congress passes the Indian Removal Act,thousands of Native Americans are forced to move west of the Mississippi River.