"Closing the Gap" progress in Victoria

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  • Launch of Close the Gap Campaign

  • National Sorry Day

    Sorry Day Speech
    National recognition Australian Government's resposibility in plight of Indigenous Australians furthers awareness of Indigenous advocacy campaigns.
  • Federal Statement of Intent to Close the Gap

    Statement of Intent
    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and leader of Opposition Brendan Nelson sign pledge with leading Health Org's to close life expectancy gap.
  • Brumby Government signs on to Close the Gap

    Similar statement to Federal Government signed by Victorian Government committing to address Indigenous inequality.
  • First Progress Report into "Closing the Gap" published by Victorian Government

    Major achievments:
    - Awarding 24 young Indigenous students$5,000 Education Scholarships to support them to complete VCE,

    -From January 2009, up to 10hours per week of kindergartenis free for all Indigenous 3 and 4 year old children.
    - Speeding up of Native Entitlement claims- Registering of Aboriginal Parties to assist Heritage Council increasing
    - Statewide Indigenous Forum
  • Victorian Government publishes Indigenous Framework 2010-2013

    Brumby government releases plans for upcoming years with specific targets in maternal health development, economic development and education.
  • Report into state of Victorian Indigenous Children published

    Shadow Minister Powell's response)Shadow Minister Powell damns Brumby Government over report which finds Indigenous Youth:
    -half as likely to have completed Year 12 between the ages of 20 and 24
    -3 times more likely to be processed by police
    -3 times more likely to have two unemployed parents
    -twice as likely to suffer eye and ear problems
    -over represented in the child protection system; and · more likely to be exposed to issues of substance use, violence, crime and psychological distress
  • AMA publishes National report on Primary Healthcare Spending

    Spending in primary health care for Indigenous Australians versus non-Indigenous Australians made available by AMA show a difference of $236 dollars in spending outlay across Nation.
  • Ted Baillieu wins State Election

    Jeanette Powell elected Minister for Aboriginal Affairs
  • VicHealth releases summary of research into Victorian Indigenous Health

    Read full report
    Findings indicate continuing problems with preventable diseases, mental health and education.
  • Close the Gap Day reaches record numbers

  • Oxfam Forum to review status of Close the Gap in Victoria

  • Progress report on Closing the Gap by Baillieu Government due

    While a progress report for 2009-10 has yet to be published, hopes exist that the State Government will release a report before October.