Fiona Wood and Niels Bohr

  • Niels Bohr was born in Copenhagen, Denmark

    Niels Hendrick David Bohr was born in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Period: to

    Fiona Wood and Niels Bohr Life Span

  • High School

    In 1898 Niels Bohr sarted at Gammelholm Grammar school
  • Niels Bohr Marries

    Niels Bohr marries Margrethe Norlund. They had six kids but 2 died.
  • Niels Bohr published atomic structure model.

    This was Niels' first major accomplishment in his physice career
  • Niels Bohr became head of Institue of Theoretical Physics

    (a place theoretical physice are studied and experimented with)
  • Niels Bohr Recieives the Nobel Prize for physics

    This was Niels first major award for physics in his life.
  • Niels Bohr receives Franklin Medal.

    In recognition of Niels Bohr's great physiology work, the Franklin Institute awarded Niels Bohr with the Franklin Medal.
  • Niels Bohr worked on the top secret Manhattan Project till 1946

    The Manhattan Project was a top sectret project in the development of nuclear devices
  • Niels' research resulted in the bombing of Hiroshima

    The research he did in the Manhattan project resulted in the first nuclear bomb field use on Hiroshima, Japan. Three days later anothe atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki.
  • Fiona Melanie Wood was born in Yorkshire, England

    Fiona Melanie Wood is born in Yorkshire, England. She went to Ackworth school and hoped for an athletic career
  • Niels Hendrick David Bohr Dies

    Niels Hendrick David Bohr Died on the 18th Novenber 1962
  • 3948 Bohr named after Niels Bohr

    Niels Bohr had an asteroid named after him by Poul Jenson, 3948 Bohr.
  • Fiona Wood moved to Perth

    Fiona Wood moved to Perth with her husband Tony Kierath.
  • Fiona Wood treated first burns victim, a teacher with 90% burns

    Fiona Wood and Marie Stoner stayed up all night to invent spray on skin for a school teacher with 90% body burns
  • Niels Bohr appears on the 500 kronar bill of Denmark

    The country honoured Niels Bohr by putting his portrai on the 500 kronar bill of Denmark.
  • Fiona Wood Treated Bombings Victims and saved 28 people

    The Bali bombings gave Fiona Wood on many people and managed to save 28 poeople with up to 98% body burns
  • Fiona Wood received The Australian of The Year Award

    In 2005 Fiona Wood was honoure dby receiving the Australian of the year award.