Life of Anthony Johnson

By DenisL
  • Anthony Johnson arrives in Virginia as a slave

    Anthony Johnson works as a servant with Edward Bennet as his master after arriving in Virginia.
  • Anthony Johnson survives Powhatan massacre

    On March 22, 1622 Powhatan tribes attack Jamestown. Of the 57 people, only Anthony Johnson and 4 other people survived.
  • Anthony gains freedom from servitude.

    In the 1640's, Anthony and Mary Johnson gains freedom after a half life of servitute.
  • Anthony accuires land in Northhampton county.

    Anthony Johnson accuires land from Captain Taylor.
  • Anthony accuires his slave, John Casar in court

    Anthony Johnson accuires his slave from Capt. Sam'll Goldsmyth for a hog's head of tobbaco.