Melba Pattillo Warriors Don't Cry

  • Period: to

    Melba at little Rock Central High School

  • Melba almost get raped

  • The Day the Supreme Court ruled in Brown V. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, that separate public schools for whites and blacks were illegal

  • The newspaper said the little rock school board had adopted a plan to limit integration to central high school

  • Melba began to realize that grandma was right. our people werw stretching out to knock dow the fences of segregation

  • the NAACP filed suit in federal district court to make the schools integrate immediately

  • Johnny mathis had first big song , "changes are ", on the hit parade. that month a Mrs. Clyde Thomason , secretary of a new group called the league of Centrral High Mothers, filed a petition for an injunction to keep the Little Rock school board from car

  • Melba's first day at school at rock little central high school

  • Faubus goest to court

    the governor of Arkansas files a case in court to appeal for the suspension of integration in Arkansas schools. Little rock nine does not get to go to cental HS yet