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    1 cyclone has hit in 74 years
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    5 cyclones have hit in 1020 years.
  • Cyclone Mahina

    Cyclone Mahina
    Cyclone Mahina hit Bathurst Bay (north Queensland) 400 people diead. it was a cakargory 5
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    4 cyclones have hit in 47 years
  • Cyclone Wanda

    	Cyclone Wanda
    Cyclone Wanda hit brisbane it did not cause a gerate deal of damige it gave breisbarn a was a catory 4.
  • Cyclone Tracy

    Cyclone Tracy
    Cyclone tracy is one fo australias wors Cyclones ever. it killd 71 people but Cyclone Yasi is bigger. it caused flooding to brisbane. the winds where going was a catorey 3.
  • Cyclone Larry

    Cyclone Larry
    Cyclone Larry hit north Quesland while oly 1 prson died. it was going 240 km/h (150 mph).rain from the remnants of Cyclone Larry caused widespread flooding. it was a catory 4
  • Cyclone yasi

    Cyclone yasi
    cyclone Yasi was one of the bigest hit east of Quesland. 1 person died but it wasent because of Yasi. they had 500mmof rain. and winds up to 169 kh.