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The Holocaust

  • Germany pays

    Germany pays
    Germany loses WWI and is forced to pay off war debt.
    The costs are huge, Germany is annoyed...So is Adolf Hitler.
  • Period: to

    The Holocaust

  • Jail for Hitler

    Jail for Hitler
    Adolf Hitler is throw in jail for participating in beer hall putsch. While in Jail he wrote a book entitled "Mein Kampf" meaning "My Struggle." In this book he wrote about how a lot of the world's problems, and his own problems, were caused by Jewish peoples.
  • Hiter Becomes Leader

    Hiter Becomes Leader
    Adolf Hilter is voted into power over Germany.
  • Reichstag burns

    Reichstag burns
    The Reichstag building burns. It is still unknown who started the fire, but people assume it was the Nazis to start a commotion to make people believe Hitler's lies.
  • Power

    Hitler is granted imediate power. He takes away freedom of speech, freedom of the press, etc. All privacy is gone, people who opposed were considered traitors.
  • New Laws

    New Laws
    Nazis don't allow Jew to own land anymore. More and more rights of th Jews are taken away.
  • Sarah & Israel

    Sarah & Israel
    Nazis make Jewish woman add "Sarah" and Jewish men add "Israel" to their names on all legal documents like passports.
    On October 5th, these passports must be stamped with a large red J.
  • No Valuables

    No Valuables
    Nazis are becoming more and more brutal with the Jews. The Nazis now force the Jews to hand over all their gold and silver items.
  • Under Attack

    Under Attack
    The Nazis now invade Poland where the Jewish pop. is 3.35 millon, the largest in Europe.
    Jews in Germany are forbidden to be outside after 8.pm in Winter and 9.pm in Summer.
  • This Is War

    This Is War
    Great Britain and France declare war on Germany.
  • Mercy Killing

    Mercy Killing
    Hitler begans what he calls "mercy killing" of sick and disabled people in Germany. They basically just put these people down, like you would do with a sick dog.
  • Stars Of David

    Stars Of David
    Yellow stars of David are required to be worn by Polish Jews over the age of ten.
  • Taking Over

    Taking Over
    Nazis Invade Romania. (Jewish Pop. 34,000)
  • Ghettos Are Isolated

    Ghettos Are Isolated
    The Warsaw Ghetto is sealed off, it contains over 400,000 Jews.
    The Krakow Ghetto is also sealed off in November, containg 70,000 Jews.
  • Work

    German Jews are being forced to do work.
  • To Auschwitz

    To  Auschwitz
    The start of deportion of Solvak Jews to Auschwitz.
    27th - French Jews are deported as well.
  • Gassed

    SS officers report that 97,000 Jews have been "processed" in gas vans.
  • Deaths Are Great

    Deaths Are Great
    The number of Jewish people killed by SS Einsatzgruppen passes one million. Nazis use slave labourers to dig up and burn the boides to remove all evidence.
  • Liberation

    Russian troups liberate the first concetration camp at Majdanek. Over 360,000 have been murdered.
  • Hitler Commits Suicide

    Hitler Commits Suicide
    Hitler commits sucide in his Berlin bunker.