Night Timeline

  • When the SS Soliders invade Elie's Home

    The SS soliders come to Elie's community and split it into two ghettos, the Jews thought this was all that was going to happen to them and life was not to bad.
  • Introduction to Elie and HIs Family

    Elie's story starts off by describing who he is and how he once lived his life as a happy young boy.
  • Elie and the Jews leave their homes for good

    Elie and his family along with all the other Jews were taken from their home and put on a train heading somewhere, they where not sure where until it was too late.
  • The first selection

    Elie and his mother and sister's were forever split apart and Elie and his father were going to be selected to either be workers or to be sent to the incenerator where they would face their death.
  • Elie's life continues at the camp

    He starts a regular reutine of working and eatting, all though by ths point Elie has chagned so much and would never be the innocent buy he once was again.
  • Life goes on in the camps

    Elie still lives in the camps and fights to stay stong everyday not knowing what will happen to him next.
  • Camp Number 2

    Elie is yet taken to another camp where another selection is held and him and his father both pass.
  • Elie gets punished

    Elie had always had a hard time with his new barrack kommando but it got out of hand when he laughed at him while he chased a girl. HIs kommando said he would pay for this and he kept his work Elie was whipped 25 times as he lay on a wodden crate.
  • Camp Number 3

    In this camp the work and selections where much harder, he feared his father would not pass because he was asked to go back for a second selection for a closer look. He passes and goes back to work with his son in the camp.
  • The final camp

    This is going to be the forth and final camp Elie is taken too, on the way there his father starts to feel that he will no longer be able to contiue on and begins to give up.
  • Elie's father dies

    His father finally gave up and died laying in camp. After this point the only thing Elie cared for was getting food in his stomach.
  • Does Hitler keep his word?

    By this time all the Jews thought they all would be died soon just like Hitler had promised.
  • The Last days in the camp

    All the Jews had accepted they would probably all be died in the next few days.
  • The Americans save all the Jews

    Elie was saved and would finally be free from the camps.
  • The first day fof freedom

    As soon as Elie was free the only thing he had cared for was to get some food, not to get revenge on his father or to look for his mother or sisters but to get some food.
  • Elie decideds to share his story

    Elie writes and publishs the book Night, In witch he tells what happens to him and the others that were apart of his life at this time.