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History of Aircraft

  • 1st Aircraft

    1st Aircraft
    Wilbur and Orville Wright built and tested glider at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.
  • Period: to

    Aircraft design and invention

    Brothers spent a year designing a small/powerful gas engine
  • Gasoline engine

    Gasoline engine
    First powered and controlled airplane by engine.
  • Longest flight

    Longest flight
    Longest flight by Wilbur Wright near LeMans France. 2 hours 19 minutes in midair.
  • Aircraft for Military

    Aircraft for Military
    Brittish airplane B.E. 2C introduced for WWI.
  • Adventure

    Exact date unkown, first flight around the world.
  • South Pole adventure

    South Pole adventure
    Admiral Richard Byrd flew over the South Pole.
  • Boeing

    Exact date unknown. Boeing builds first 247.
  • Overseas Travel

    Overseas Travel
    BOAC (British Overseas Aircraft Corporation) flew for the first time.
  • Commercial Service

    Commercial Service
    First commercial Jet Service.
  • First Presidential Aircraft

    First Presidential Aircraft
    John F. Kennedy first president to fly in his own jet aircraft, a modified Boeing 707.