lewis and clark expedition

  • william clark was born

    william clark was born on august 1st, 1770. he was born to John and Ann Rogers Clark in Caroline County, Virginia, He grew up on his father's plantation.
  • Period: to

    lewis and clark

  • meriwether lewis was born

    meriwether lewis was born on august 18th 1774. near Charlottesville, VA, and was a boyhood neighbor of Thomas Jefferson.
  • joined the mallitia

    he joined the militia to fight the Native Americans in the Ohio Valley. Three years later, he joined the army and became an officer, only to retire in 1796 to manage his family's plantation.
  • Lewis joined the militia

    Lewis joined the militia and, at the rank of Ensign, was attached to a sublegion of General "Mad Anthony" Wayne commanded by Lieutenant William Clark. In sharing the experiences of the Northwest Campaign against the British and the Indians, Lewis and Clark fashioned the bonds of an enduring friendship.
  • lewis got a letter from thomas jefferson

    Lewis, as a young Army Captain in Pittsburgh, received a letter from the soon to be inaugurated President, Thomas Jefferson, offering Lewis a position as his secretary-aide. It said, "Your knolege of the Western country, of the army, and of it's interests and relations has rendered it desireable for public as well as private purposes that you should be engaged in that office." Lewis readily accepted the position.
  • lewis found clark for the expedition

    Clark's army comrade, Meriwether Lewis, invited Clark to co-lead an expedition across President Thomas Jefferson's Louisiana Purchase.
  • the expedition started

    clark joined lewis on the ohio river
  • they reached st. louis

    In spring 1805, they continued to the headwaters of the Missouri River, struggled across the Continental Divide at Lemhi Pass, and headed west along the Salmon, Clearwater, Snake, and Columbia Rivers to the Pacific. They landed at the mouth of the Columbia River, Astoria, Oregon on November 5 1805. The explorers began their journey home on March 23, 1806. On July 3, after crossing the Continental Divide, the Corps split into two teams so Lewis could explore the Marias River. Lewis and Clark s
  • Clark married Julia Hancock

    they named their son Meriwether Lewis Clark. Julia died in 1820. Clark then married the widow Mrs. Harriet Kennerly Radford, and went on to have two more children with her.
  • william lewis clark sr. (william clarks first son) was born

    william lewis clark was the first of 8 kids that william clark had.
  • meriwether lewis died

    stopped on the way to Washington D.C. in 1809 at a motel in Tennessee called Grinder's Stand. And apparently he acted strangely at dinner, and talked to himself in the way you would talk to a lawyer. And, so the story goes, he asked for some gunpowder and the owner's wife gave it to him, intimidated by his behavior. Later that night she heard two gunshots and through the slit in her door apparently saw Lewis crawling back to his room (though she never could explain why). The next morning she fo
  • clark was named Superintendent of Indian Affairs at St. Louis

    When Missouri became a state in 1820, Clark failed in his bid to be elected governor and returned to a position in Indian affairs. In 1822 he was named Superintendent of Indian Affairs at St. Louis, a post which during these years often involved supervising the removal of eastern tribes to lands assigned to them in what would become eastern Kansas. Clark remained superintendent until shortly before his death in 1838, winning a reputation for fairness and honesty from whites and Indians alike.
  • william clark died

    no one knows how william clark died they just said it was a breef illness