• University of Tennessee Segregation

    University of Tennessee Segregation
    UT did not accept admissions to six African American applicants who were represented by the NAACP.
    The picture on the left is the University of Tennessee emblem, which associates where this event happened.

    The Jackson-Madison County Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is chartered.
    This meant that they were hired for the use of a group of travelers.
    The picture on the left is a group of african americans in-front of the NAACP sign/building.
  • First Black President

    First Black President
    A.W. Willis Jr. of Memphis becomes first black representative in the Legislature in 65 years.
    The picture on the left is of the A.W. Willis Jr. bridge in Memphis, TN.
  • Riot

    There was a riot during a Chattanooga lunch counter sit-in where several whites were arrested.
    Basically, a roit(which is a fight) broke out during a lunch counter sit-in in Chattanooga where several white people were arrested.
  • Racism

    Racist people blew up a integregated school with dynamite in Nashville. This meant that racist people blew up an integregated school with a stick of dynamite, which happened in Nashville, TN.
  • James Lawson

    James Lawson
    James Lawson arrives in Nashville, handpicked by King to train college students in nonviolence. The picture on the left is of James Lawson.
  • Challenging Segregation

    Challenging Segregation
    Black residents in Nashville begin challenging segregation in downtown stores. This meant that black residents started to well basically challenge segregation, in different stores downtown.
  • Nashville

    Nashville becames the first major city to desegregate public facilities. Which meant they were the first major city to end racial public facilities. Now white and black people can use the same water fountain/restrooms.
  • UT is Desegregrated

    UT is Desegregrated
    The first desegregated class begins at UT. This meant that racial segregation ended. The picture on the left is where the event took place.
  • Martin Luther King Jr.

    Martin Luther King Jr.
    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was in Memphis to preach the demonstration of striking sanitation workers, is killed by an assassin. The picture on the left is of MLK.