Skybox boston celtics

brendan's timeline

  • Hong Kong

    Hong Kong
    returns to Chinese rule
  • bombings

    two convivted and first bombing of world trade center
  • okc

    Tim McVeigh sentenced to death for OKC bombings
  • i was born

    i was born
    In Boston
  • currency

    the Europeans agree on Euro
  • financial collapse

    financial collapse
    Russia fights off financial collapse
  • Clinton

    accused of sex scandal
  • una bomber

    una bomber
    sentenced to 4 life sentences
  • Nelson Mandela

    Nelson Mandela
    first black president of South Africa steps down

    7.4 earthquake kills 15600 and leaves 6000 homeless
  • JFK jr

    JFK jr
    dies in plane crash off coast of Martha's Vineyard
  • clinton

    US opens empeachment trial of president clinton
  • Coal

    terrorist attack US nval ship the Coal
  • Supreme Court

    Supreme Court
    dispute in supreme court decided in favor of George Bush 5 to 4
  • Indonesia

    Indonesian president gets put under house arrest for abuse of power
  • Peace

    North Korea and South Korea sign peace accord
  • Cow

    mad cow disease spreads in Europe
  • George W. Bush

    George W. Bush
    George Bush sworn in as 43rd president
  • submarine

    US submarine Greenville sinks Japanese fishing boat killing 9
  • 9/11

    terrorists crash planes into world trade center
  • terrorists bombing

    terrorists bombing
    terrorist bombing in Bali kills hundreds
  • Prez Bush

    Prez Bush
    President Bush's first state of the union adress
  • Court treaty

    Court treaty
    US withdrawls from International court treaty
  • east timor

    east timor
    east timor becomes a new nation
  • isreal prime minister

    isreal prime minister
    Ariel Sharon elected isreal prime minister
  • Columbia

    space shuttle Colombia explodes killing all 7 astrounauts
  • Tax cut

    Tax cut
    Bush sign 350 billion tax cut page
  • congessional buget

    congessional buget
    Congressional Budget Office predicts federal deficit of $480 billion in 2004 and $5.8 trillion by 2013
  • Bahgdad

    bahgdad falls to US troops
  • rebels

    Armed rebels in Haiti force President Aristide to resign and flee the country
  • john kerry

    john kerry
    john kerry reserves democratic nomination
  • ivan

    hurracaine ivan tears through south US
  • iran parliment

    iran parliment
    1 third of iran parliment steps down in protest
  • Aid

    aid pours in to help 11 asian countries after huge Tsunami

    the sudanese goverment and southern rebels sign peace agreement
  • katrina

    hurricaine Katrina kills 1,000 and leaves millions homeless
  • terry schiavo

    terry schiavo
    The Terry Schiavo case becomes the focus of an emotionally charged battle in Congress
  • Isreal

    Isreal's prime minister has massive stroke
  • Missile

    India tests massive missile
  • patriot act

    patriot act
    president bush signs a law renewing the patriot act
  • abuse to prisoners

    abuse to prisoners
    George Bush and Tony Blair express regret for the abuse of prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison
  • Troops

    US sends 30000 troops to Iraq
  • european union

    european union
    Romania and Bulgaria join the European Union
  • speaker

    nancy pelosi becomes first woman speaker of the house
  • national intellegence

    national intellegence
    The senate confirms Mike McConnell as the director of national intelligence
  • Violence in Kenya

    Violence in Kenya
    violence breaks out after Raila Odinga's election
  • Independence

    Kosovo declares independence from Serbia
  • primary

    presidential primary begins
  • Ted Kennedy

    Ted Kennedy
    diagnosed with malignant glioma
  • Barrak Obama

    Barrak Obama
    sworn into office
  • rebublican national commite

    rebublican national commite
    Michael Steele is selected by the Republican National Committee to be its new chairman
  • sweden

    sweden becomes the 5th european country to legalize same sex marrige
  • swine

    swine flu kills up to 103 people in Mexico
  • BP oil spill

    BP oil spill
    devistates Gulf Of Mexico
  • European Union

    European Union
    Romania and Bulgaria join European Union
  • Bush

    president Bush announces the surge of troops to Iraq
  • minimum wage

    minimum wage
    minimum wage increases to $5.85
  • racism

    John William King is convicted of murder and sentenced to death in case involving the dragging death of a black man