Mark's Timeline

By markatt
  • Taliban Attacks

    Taliban Attacks
    Militant Taliban leaders seize Kabul
  • FBI does it again

    FBI does it again
    FBI arrests Unibomber
  • South Africa

    South Africa
    South Africa gets a constition
  • Birthday

  • Hong Kong

    Hong Kong
    After 99 years Hong Kong is free from Great Britain's rule
  • USA, UK, and France

    USA, UK, and France
    USA, UK, and France take Nazi gold
  • Heaven's Gate

    Heaven's Gate
    Heaven's Gate cult members commit mass suicide
  • Taliban strikes again

    Taliban strikes again
    Taliban terrorist tries to blow up the World Trade Center
  • Clinton II

    Clinton II
    Clinton is impeached
  • Clinton

    Clinton was involed in a sex scandel with his secretary
  • Russia troubles

    Russia troubles
    Russia struggles with it's finicenal troubles
  • European Currency

    European Currency
    Europeans decide on single currency
  • Nelson Mandela

    Nelson Mandela
    Nelson Mandela become the first black president of South Africa
  • JFK

    JFK Jr. and his wife died in a jet accident
  • Clinton III

    Clinton III
    The trial of Clinton may lead to his impeachment
  • Worldly dangers

    Worldly dangers
    The world awaits the Y2K bug
  • U.S. Sailors

    U.S. Sailors
    U.S. sailors die by suicide bombers off the coast of Yeman
  • Concord

    Concord crash kills 113 people
  • Bush

    Bush wins Florida recount and win election against Al Gore
  • Cuban family

    Cuban family
    Cuban son reunites with his family
  • Bush

    Bush is sworn in as 43 president
  • Taliban II

    Taliban II
    Taliban sucessfully bomb the World Trade Center
  • Israel

    Israel condems Palinstein
  • Taliban

    Taliban stronghold collapes after 2 months of bombing