noura's timeline

By noura97
  • freeze Nazis' gold loot

    freeze Nazis' gold loot
    the united kingdom and france agree to freeze the nazis' gold loot
  • "mad cow" disease

    "mad cow" disease
    britain was alarmed by outbreak called "mad cow" disease.
  • unabomber

    FBI arrests suspected unabomber. the unabomber sent bombs in the mail to Fed. employers.
  • reform bill passed

    reform bill passed
    congress passes welfare reform bil
  • taliban seizes afghan

    taliban seizes afghan
    militant taliban leaders seize afghan, kabul
  • NY trade center bombing conviction

    NY trade center bombing conviction
    2 men convicted in new york trade center bombing
  • oj simpson convicted

    oj simpson convicted
    oj simpson found liable in civil suit
  • chinese rule returns

    chinese rule returns
    hong kong returns to chinese rulers
  • my birthday(:

    i was born in brighams and womens weighing 7 pounds 4 ounces.
  • pres accused of scandal

    pres accused of scandal
    president clinton is accused of having a sexual relationship in office with monica lewinsky
  • europeans use euros

    europeans use euros
    europeans agree on one currency. euros.
  • unabomber2

    unabomber sentenced to 4 life terms in prison
  • russia-financial relapse

    russia-financial relapse
    russia fights to avert financial relapse
  • impeachement of clinton

    impeachement of clinton
    trial for impeachment of clinton begins
  • Y2K bug

    Y2K bug
    the world awaits the computer virus for upcoming year 2000
  • mandela steps down

    mandela steps down
    nelson mandela, first black president of South Africa, steps down. thabo mbeki takes over
  • jfk jr death

    jfk jr death
    jfk jr, his wife, and sister, are lost at sea when a plane crashed
  • boy reunited with dad

    boy reunited with dad
    elian gonzales reunited with his father after miami raid
  • president wins recount

    president wins recount
    president bush wins florida recount and wins election against al gore
  • navy destroyer dies in yemen

    navy destroyer dies in yemen
    u.s. sailors on navy destroyer, cole, die in yemen terrorist explosion
  • mad cow disease

    mad cow disease
    mad cow disease alarms europe