Jay's Timeline

By jayliv7
  • Taliban seizes Afghan capital.

    Taliban seizes Afghan capital.
    Militant Taliban leaders seize Afghan capital of Kabul.
  • Unabomber

    F.B.I. arrested suspected Unabomber.
  • President blocks abortion

    President blocks abortion
    President blocks band on late abortions.
  • New South African Constitution

    New South African Constitution
    South Africa gets a new constitution.
  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    Brimgham and Womens hospital
  • Trade Center bombers caught.

    Trade Center bombers caught.
    Two convicted on New York world Trade Center bombing.
  • Shuttle Space

    Shuttle Space
    U.S. shuttle joins Russian space station
  • Nazi's loot

    Nazi's loot
    U.S. and U.K. and France agree to freeze Nazi's gold loot.
  • Clinton Sex Scandal

    Clinton Sex Scandal
    President Clinton accused in White House scandal denies allegation of affair wth Monica Lewinky.
  • European New Currency

    European New Currency
    Europeans agree on a single currency, the Euro.
  • Missilies Hit Terroist

    Missilies Hit Terroist
    U.S. cruise missilies hit suspected terrorist bases in Sudan and Afghanistan.
  • Unabomber Sentence

    Unabomber Sentence
    Unabomber sentenced to four life terms.
  • Student Rampage

    Student Rampage
    Students Kill 12 students 1 teacher then themselves.
  • President Jr out at sea

    President Jr out at sea
    JFK jr, his wife and his wife's sister was lost at sister.
  • Pakistan overthrown

    Pakistan overthrown
    Pakistan is overthrown in the midst of economic strike.
  • Y2k bug

    Y2k bug
    The world awaits the consquences of Y2k bug.
  • Bush over Gore

    Bush over Gore
    U.S. surpreme court roles in favor of Bush over Gore.
  • U.S. ship attacked in Yemen

    U.S. ship attacked in Yemen
    U.S. sailore on navol ship the Cole attacked in Yemen.
  • Mad Cow desease

    Mad Cow desease
    Mad Cow desease hits Europe.
  • 9/11

    World trade center Pentagon attacked by Al Quada.
  • U.S. ousted Taliban

    Taliban is ousted by American Army
  • Yasir Arafel Dies

    Yasir Arafel Dies
    Yasir Arafel dies in Pans
  • Supreme Court

    Supreme Court
    Supreme Court Justice Sandraday O'Connor announces her retirement.
  • Iraq

    Numer of deaths of U.S soldiers in Iraq reaches