Colorado History

By plowry
  • Manufacturing

    impact:would not have to by new things
    people came to colorado to start a new life
    needed :workers,tools, and machines
  • Mint

    provided coins and work for people
    impact more money for people
    coming to co.start a new life
    needed gold,silver,coal,clay
  • Tourism

    provided skiing hiking swimming binking
    coming to co.
  • Early Mining

    Early Mining
    impact:it became a state when people came to start a new life.
    coming to co.:start a binsness and a new life
    needed:miners,water,blacksmith,picaxe,pan,sluce box,dynamite
  • Farming and Agriculture

    Farming and Agriculture
    provided:food money and helth.
    impact :food not geting sick ofeten.
    coming to co.more places to grow crops.
    needed:axe pickaxe hoe spade rake scythe pitch foork flail soil and water.
  • Sheep and Cattle

    Sheep and Cattle
    provided: wool,meat,fur,yar.
    impact:there was food,fabric ,yarn and fur
    coming to co.:more places to have cattel and sheep graze
    needed:grass,water,feed,fences to keep teritory and sheep and cattle
  • Beer

    provided beer,berage
    impactmoney for people
    coming to co a new life
    needed water ,weat, hops ,erbs ,and, barly
  • Celestial Seasoning

    Celestial Seasoning
    proveded;tellinmosingoes mo-siegles
    impact;enter tamement
    coming to co.a new life or a new life
    needed herbs and flowers
  • CSU Rams

    CSU Rams
    provided enter tanment
    impact;geting out and entertainment
    needed;football plarers and fans to root for thim.
  • Mining Now

    Mining Now
    serveses provided oil coal gold sliver uranium mollerinom
    impact more money to help ther famliy grow
    coming to co. to start a new life
    recorces needed water rocks manullabor.