By cpearce
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  • the battle of Dien Bien phu

    The battle between the French and freedom seeking Vietnamese
  • End of Dien Bien phu

    The end of the fighting. Vietnam has independence
  • Ho Chi Minh Trail

    The trail took soilders and supplies through vietnam during the vietnam war
  • U.S. becomes activley involved

    First U.S. military personal arrive in south vietnam,
  • Operation Rangeland

    The introduction of agent orange into vietnam jungle
  • Gulf of tunkin attack

    The U.S. ship maddox sends out a fake air attack to protect s. vietnamese cammandos who attack n. vietnamese ships in the gulf of tunkin
  • Gulf of tunkin resolution

    The u.s. congress gives LBJ the power to do what he thinks necessary to defend south vietnam
  • Rolling Thunder begins

    A bombing action placed to hit n. vietnam to stop their aid of guerilla warfare in south vietnam
  • U.S. offers peace for economic aid proposal

    The U.S. offers peace in exchange for finacial aid. N. vietnam refuses
  • President Johnson commits over 60,00 troops to Vietnam

    After the rejection of the peace for economic aid LBJ sends 60,00 troops to vietnam
  • First major battle of Vietnam war for American units

    At chu lai the N. vietnamese attack a U.S. base and recieve 700 casulties U.S. only losses 45 men
  • Operation Junction city

    An air attack on N. Vietnamese bases in S. vietnam
  • Khe Sanh attacked by Vietcong

    at 5:30 the vietcong attack the marine base at Khe Sanh the attack goes on for a couple of days
  • Tet offensive begins

    Vietcong attack over 100 cities and towns lose 37,000 U.S. losses 2,500 overal win for U.S. but pollitical loss for war support
  • My lai massacre

    200 innocient vietnamese civilians are killed by U.S. troops
  • End of operation rolling thunder

    818 pilots are dead after the bombing is called to a stop
  • Nixon takes office

    Nixon has office says hes going to achieve peace with honor
  • Operation Menu

    President nixon autherises operation Menu. The bombing of Vietcong bases in cambodia
  • All but 133,00 U.S. troops have come home

    133,000 troops is all thats left in vietnam. we transfer most of the war responsibility to S. vietnam which has more than 1 million men enlisted
  • Peace talks break down

    Peace talks stop fighting resumes
  • Peace talks resume

    Peace talks start back up to end war
  • Cease fire signed

    A cease fire is signed ending the war in vietnam
  • Nixon resigns

    On the threat of being impeached for the actions of the republican party at water gate nixon resigns
  • Last casualties For U.S. and the final evacuation

    The fighting is finally over for the U.S. troops