• Nixon Takes Office

    Part Of The Republican Party, Only One To Be There Twice, Once As Vice President, And Again President.
  • First Major Battle!(For The U.S.)

    The First Group Of U.S. Military Advisor
    The U.S. Military Assistance Advisory Group Arrive In Saigon.
  • Dien Bien Phu.

    It Was The Longest, Most Furious Battle Of The French Expeditionary Corps In The Far East.170 Days OfConfrontation,
    57 Days Of Hell!
  • United States Becomes Activly Involved.

    The U,S. Agrees To Help Train The South Vietnameses, Army. Thus Involving Them In The War,
  • Gulf Of Tonkin Attack

    President Ordered Seventh Fleet Carrier Forces To Launch Retaliatory Strikes Against North Vietnam Aircraft From Carriers Ticonderoga and USS Constellation Had Destroyed Oil Storage Facility At Vinh and Damaged/Sank About 30 Enemy Naval Vessels.
  • Gulf Of Tonkin Resolution

    A Joint Resolution In Response To The Sea Battles Between The North Vietnamesse Boats And The U.S. Destroyers.
  • Rolling Thunder

    Ended November 1st 1968.
    Had Four Main Objectives Over Time.
    Became The Most Intesne Air/Land Battle.
  • Operation Junction City

    The Largets Airborne U.S. Operation,
    Was A Success.
  • Tet Offensive.

    The Tet Offensive Was The Turining Point That Helped The South. At Approximately 0300 Hours,
  • My Lai Massacre

    The Mass Murder Conducted By One Of The U.S. Units, Involving Sexual Absue, Being Beaten, And Tortured The Vietmaneese People, All Chraged With Some Form Of Criminal Offense.
  • Creation Of The Ho Chi Minh Trails

    The Ho Chi Minh Trail Was A Complex Web Of Different Jungle Path Ways That Enabled Communist Troops To Travel From North Vietnam To Areas Close To Saigon
  • Nixon Resigns

    Resigned At 9:01pm Eastern!
    After Adressing The Nation The Day Before.