• invention of the airplane

    On December 17 1903 the Wright brothers Wilber and Orville had the first secessful human flight at Kitty hawk, North Carolina. it lasted 12 seconds for 120ft.
  • Period: to


  • World War I

    During World War I the use of the airplane in combat made it nessacary to improve the speed, altitude, and maneuverability of the airplane. cerating a more dependable improved design.
  • first all-metal airplane

    The Junkers J4, was the first all-metal airplane. Invented by Hugo Junkers the Junkers J4 made the airplane more durable for commercial flight.
  • Airmail

    The U.S. postal service begins sending mail out of Washington DC by air. alowed for faster mail transportion
  • First flight accros the Atlantic.

    A U.S. Navy aviator makes the first flight over the Atlantic from Newfoundland to London, with two stops. One at Azores and the other one at Lisbon. this proved that flight from the U.S. to Europe was posible.
  • first non-stop transatlantic flight

    British Capt. John Alcock and Lt. Albert Brown where the first to fly a airplane over the Atlantic with no stops. From Newfoundland to Ireland.
  • first passenger flights

    the first passenger flights where in europe and went over the English Channel from London to france. this made commercial more of a possability.
  • transcontinental airmail

    The first transcontinental airmail flight went from San Francisco to New York in 33 howers and 20 mins. about three days faster than mail by train. made for faster travle of mail all over the U.S.
  • first solo transitlantic flight

    first solo transitlantic flight
    Charles Lindbergh was the first to make a non stop transatlantic flight on his own. going 3,600 miles from New York to Paris in a monoplane named the Spirit of St. Louis.
  • The DC-1

    The DC-1
    the first 12 passenger airplane the DC-1 was introduced as the largest capasity aircrtaft by TWA. two years later the DC-3 would be added to the TWA
  • first modern commercial airliner

    first modern commercial airliner
    Boeing intoduced the Boeing 247 a 10 passenger aircraft to compeat with the DC-1
  • First transpacific mail service

    Pan American cerates the first transpacific mail service from San Francisco to Manila. makeing the way for passenger flights four years later,
  • world war II

    world war II
    war planes are used more then ever befor in WWII
  • Sound barrior broken

    Sound barrior broken
    U.S. Air Force pilot Captain Charles "Chuck" Yeager flys the Bell x-1, the first jet engin airplane.
  • B-52 bombers

    B-52 bombers
    the B-52 was cerated by boeing. its eaght engins gives it a capacity of 500,000 pounds. the plane used in opperation rolling thunder
  • B-2 bomber developed

    B-2 bomber developed
    Northrop Grumman develops the B-2 bomber. the first stealth aircraft
  • 747

    Boeing cerates the first 747 one of the most successful aircraft ever produced.
  • predator drone

    predator drone
    the predator drone is the first un maned aircraft used in a war to seek out targets