Medieval Japan: Timeline

  • 500

    Bhuddism Meets Japan

    about 1000 years later, it came to japan in the first constitution.
  • 552

    Bhuddism and Japan

    All through cultural infulence, Japan took ideas from Bhuddism. It was also introduced in the First Constitution!
  • Jan 1, 607

    Construction of the Pagoda

    The Japanese started construction on the linged living pagoda, a five story Japanese building inspried by the Medieval Chinese people.
  • Jan 1, 710

    A Magnificent City

    The impireal government built a chinese style capital on the modern city of Nara.
  • Jan 1, 1118

    Minamoto Yoritomo

    Around this time, he came into power.
  • Jan 1, 1192

    The First Shogun

    The first Shogun was appointed, and even Minamoto Yoritomo was led by one. A shogun is a commander-in-cheif.
  • Tokugawa Ieyasu

    Tokugawa Ieyasu became Shogun in 1603, and estasblished a new capitol, Edo.
  • Peace at Last!

    Peace was finally established by the 17th century.
  • Women in Society

    Back in the day the 12th century, women were treated with honour and repect, but come the 17th century, they were treated as inferious.
  • Rank of the Warrior

    Even after peace was established, they samurai would still wear their swords as a sign of rank.
  • End to Warriors

    Warrior society lasted untill this time, This society ended when political upheavals restored power.
  • Prince Shotoku

    Prince Shotoku began to rule Japan, by stealing the power of clan leader, so that the country could be ruled into one.
  • Japanese Writing

    Back in the Medieval days, the Japanese did not have their own writing style, so they had to adopt there own language from the Chinese people, and they called it "Hiragana".
  • Aristocrats and the Golden Age

    The aristocrats have led the Golden Age on culture durign the Heian Period.