Victors Timeline

  • Victors childhood

    Victor was born in Geneva to parents Alphonse and Caroline Frankenstein. His parents adopt elizabeth with the intention that when the kids are older, they will marry.
  • Victors Schooling

    he reads the work of alchemists and forms his view of the world and science. His mother dies before he is to leave to go to college.He attends the university of Ingolstadt, where he studies chemistry and natural philosophy.He becomes a star pupil at the university.
  • Victors creation

    Victor starts to take on his studies to create a spark of life in an inanimate thing. He creates a monster and ends up running away from his creation.
  • Victors journey

    On his journey to england, henry tags along with him even though victor cant stand working when hes around
  • Victor in Island of Orkney

    The monster watchs victor closely and he see's the monster looking at him thru the window while he is working on the "She" Monster on the island
  • Victor returns to Geneva

    About to get married to elizabeth, and is preparing to fight the monster.