Cold war: Cuban missile crisis

  • beggining of cuban crisis

    president kennedy is informed of missile build-up. EX comm formed
  • Period: to

    cuban missile crisis

  • cuban blockade anounced

    kennedy anounces the blockade and resquests them to be withdrawed, he asked krushchev to stop provocations.
  • krushchev's denial

    krushcev sends a letter to kennedy, refusing to admit the presence of nuclear missiles
  • cuban blockade

    the blockade is finaly put to work, the missile- carying ships either stop or turn around when they aproach the bloackade
  • kennedy's dilema

    krushchev for the first time admit the existance of the missiles, but says they are purely defensive, and bargains with the USA, about lifting the bloackade and giving their word about not invading cuba
  • kennedy's dilema part 2

    krushchev decides to change his request and now asks for the rmeoval of nuclear bombs from turkey in exchange of the removal of those from cuba, and he cannot accept this terms.
    An american u-s espionage plain is shot down in cuba, kennedy's advisors suggest the invasion of cuba, but kennedy with a good sense decides to delay the attack. he ignores krushchev's second request but rethinks and accept the first request. Kennedy alarms krushchev that if he do not withdraw, force will be us
  • krushchev's moment of sanity

    kruchshev worried about the conflict's path decides to offer armistice terms in order to reduce confrontations, and order the weapons to be sent back to USSR, but the missiles which were already in Cuba remain in Cuba