WWII in the Pacific

  • Pearl Harbor

    Japan bombs America in Hawaii.
  • Period: to

    Pacific War

  • Japanese bomb Manila Bay

  • Japanese attack Bataan in the Philippines

  • Attack on US mainland

    Japanese attack an oil refinery by Santa Barbara, CA.
  • surrender in Bataan

    Americans were forced to surrender and then participate in the Bataan Death March. This march would kill thousands of American soldiers.
  • Battle of Midway

    American troops were able to decode a surprise attack by Japanese forces just in time to turn around the war by attacking Japanese troops before their surprise attack could be started.
  • Japanese air raid on Australia

  • US wins the battle of Bismarck Sea

  • US begins bombing of Japanese shipping

  • Japan is Bombed for the first time during this war

  • Kamikaze

    The first sucidial Japanese aircraft attacks American warships.
  • Hiroshima Bombed

    Americans use the atomic bomb against Japan
  • Nagasaki Bomb

    Americans greatly weaken Japan with the help of atomic bombs.
  • British take over Hong Kong

  • MacArthur in Tokyo