Uss yorktown hit at midway

Battle at Midway

  • Heading to the Midway Island

    Heading to the Midway Island
    The badly damaged U.S fleet is heading toward an American base setup in the Midway Atoll. After losing 5 battleships in pearl harbor and losing the USS Lexington earlier this year. The "Big E" or the USS Enterprise leads her and it's sister carriers toward Midway Island. Isoroku Yamamoto was the commander of the Japanese fleet. If Yamamoto gains control of the Midway Island. The Japanese will be close to Hawaii.
  • Cracking the Japanese Code

    Cracking the Japanese Code
    Admiral Chester W. Nimitz contains the Imperial Navy's code. Him and his crew find that the Japanese are targeting a place called "AF". Later that day Nimitz finds out the Japanese are going to attack the Midway Atoll. Nimitz sends the U.S Navy northeast of the island keeping the carriers safe.
  • Period: to

    Battle of Midway

    Six months after pearl harbor the U.S Navy and Empire of Japan face off in a three day battle. American Commander Chester W. Nimitz must defend the Midway Atoll. A much larger Japanese fleet vs a smaller American fleet. A must needed victory for the U.S.
  • USS Yorktown is Done For

    USS Yorktown is Done For
    After mid afternoon a second wave of Japanese bombers that contain torpedoes. Since the Yorktown is patched up and the fire is out the Japanese believe it is a different carrier. 2 torpedoes hit the Yorktown making list to the side making it impossible for planes to land and take off. Yorktown was dead in the water. The damage is to severe for fire control to repair.
  • Japan strikes the Midway Atoll

    Japan strikes the Midway Atoll
    Around 6:30 A.M American Scout Planes check for the Japanese fleet. The Americans are too late. Japanese Kate bombers and enemy zeros are attacking the eastern island of the Atoll. Blowing craters into the Airfields, destroying barracks, and hangars. Midway Atoll was starting to looks like Pearl Harbor.
  • USS Flies

    USS Flies
    At 7:00 A.M USS Enterprise receives word about the Japanese attacking the base. Wildcats, torpedo, and dive bombers take off from the USS Yorktown, Hornet, and Enterprise. The plan for the U.S was for to go in squads. The wildcats would protect the torpedo and dive bombers from enemy planes. It would at least take two hours for the bombers to get to the Japanese fleet.
  • The USS Nautilus

    The USS Nautilus
    At 7:10 the Americans from the Midway island send bombers to attack the Japanese Aircraft Carriers. While this happening US submarine, Nautilus, is patrolling the Island. Nautilus see's the Japanese fleet. As Nautilus looks through the periscope. A Japanese zero spots Nautilus and tries to attack. This draws enough attention to a Japanese destroyer called Arashi. Nautilus shoots a torpedo at a battleship and misses. For next few hours Arashi will stock Nautilus.
  • Torn out of the Sky

    Torn out of the Sky
    At 9:20 A.M the Japanese Carriers ran straight into 2 torpedo squadrons from the USS Hornet. Most of the TBD Devastator don't even get close. Either getting shot down by enemy zeros or anti aircraft fire. Later Torpedo bombers from the USS Enterprise show up and to are shot down. 35 out of 42 torpedo bombers were shot out of the sky. No torpedoes hit any Japanese ship.
  • Following the Little Speck

    Following the Little Speck
    At 9:55 A.M a squadron of dive bombers spot a little speck in the water.(Described by eyewitness) The little speck turned out to be the Japanese destroyer Arashi. The Dive bombers decide to follow Arashi hoping it will lead it back to the Japanese fleet. After the Arashi left the fleet behind to destroy or drive off the USS Nautilus.
  • Attacking the Carriers

    Attacking the Carriers
    Dive Bombers see the Carriers. Dive bombers head straight for the Kaga and Akagi. 2 five hundred pound bombs hit the Kaga. The Kaga is utterly destroyed fire is covering her entire flight deck. Akagi is hit by 1 five hundred pound bomb and is engulfed by flames. Dive bombers from USS Yorktown hit the Soryu with one thousand pound bombs 3 times. Soryu is a sitting duck on fire. Another Carrier the Hiryu escapes the attack. 4 out of 5 Japanese ships were taken out. But still one out there
  • Hiryu's revenge

    Hiryu's revenge
    Japanese scout planes report where Enterprise is and it's sister carriers. Before 11:00 A.M Hiryu launches it's own attack sending dive bombers. The Japanese Vals dive at the USS Yorktown making 3 direct hits on her. Fire erupts on the flight deck. Holes are punched into the deck killing gunners and sailors.
  • Good as new

    Good as new
    Fire control contain the fire on the flight deck and patch holes in her. Yorktown is looking good as new.
  • Last attack run

    Last attack run
    At 3:50 USS Enterprise send bombers to attack the Hiryu. At 5:00 bombers see the Hiryu dropping 3 bombs on Hiryu. Hiryu is sitting in the water helplessly. Fire consumes her flight deck and is dead in the water. This attack was to avenge the fallen on the Yorktown.
  • Hiryu sinks

    Hiryu sinks
    Admiral Yamamoto decides to sink the Hiryu on June 5th 1942 by two torpedoes.
  • Salvage Party

    Salvage Party
    At 4:15 A.M a salvage party came to rescue the men on the USS Yorktown. The USS Hammann came alongside the carrier. The crew of the Hammann tried to save the Yorktown by lifting the list on the Yorktown. The Hammann supplied electricity and pumped water up to the Yorktown.
  • Surprise Attack

    Surprise Attack
    At 1:34 a Japanese submarine spotted both the Hammann and Yorktown. The I-168 submarine came up close to the Yortown and fired a torpedo at the Hammann. The Hammann was badly hit by the torpedo. The Hammann sank and after a minute it's depth charges went off underwater creating a huge explosion. The Yorktown was hit by two torpedoes and sank as well on June 7th. The Yorktown capsized causing it to sink.
  • A Recap of what happened at the Battle of Midway

    A Recap of what happened at the Battle of Midway
    The Japanese lost 4 aircraft carriers Akagi, Kaga, Soryu, and Hiryu. Also cruiser Mikuma. 332 aircraft's were lost and over five thousand. The Americans lost one aircraft carrier the Yorktown and the USS Hammann. Losing 147 aircrafts and more than 300 sailors. This battle was important for the Americans because it badly damaged the imperial fleet.
  • Yamamoto pulls out

    Yamamoto pulls out
    Admiral Yamamoto decides to pull out the Japanese fleet due to the 4 carriers being lost and so many causalities.