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Hong Kong During The Sceond World War

  • Winston Churchill sends reinforcements

    Winston Churchill realizes that Hong Kong is in danger and decides to send reinforcements.
  • Canadian Troop's Arrival

    Canadian troops ariive on the HMCS Prince Robert.
  • Japanese Battle

    36 Japanese fighters attack Kai Tak airfield and units of the Japanese 23rd across the Shum Shan River.
  • Japanese Attack on 1941

    About 60,000 Japanese soldiers crossed the Shenzhen River (Guangzhou and Shenzhen had fallen into Japanese hands) to attack Hong Kong at 8:30 on 8th December 1941
  • Evacuation

    Evacution of New Territories
  • Japananese Broke into Defence Line

    Japanese forces broke the defence line put up mainly by British, Indian and Canadian soldiers at Lap Sap Bay near Shing Mun Reservoir on 11th December, 1941
  • Evacuation 2

    Evacuation of Kowloon
  • Japanese Demand Surrender

    Japanese demand surrender (Surrender was ignored)
  • Japanese froces invade Kowloon

    Japanese forces took Kowloon and the last British troops retreated to Hong Kong Island on 13th December, 1941
  • Japanese Starts to attack Hong Kong Island

    Japanese forces started to attack Hong Kong Island at around midnight on 15th December, 1941, broke the British defence line.
  • Heavy Bombing of Japanese

    Japanese begin a heavy bombing and artillery barrage of the island's northern coastal defenses.
  • Japanese Attacks Hong Kong Island

    Japanese main attack Hong Kong Island
  • Japanese lands at Tai Koo

    Japenese finally landed at Tai Koo on the eatern part of Hong Kong Island on 18th Decmeber,1941
  • Grenades

    Grenadiers retake mount Butler with heavy casualties
  • Comanding Officer Killed

    Hong Kong Comanding officer Lawson killed as Fortress Hong Kong captured
  • Retreat to Stanley

    Royal rifles Retreat to Stanley
  • Captured at Stanley Fort

    Japanese attack Royal Rifles and capture Stanley fort
  • Attack on St. Stephen Hospital

    Japanese attck st. Stephen's hospital
  • Call to Surrender

    Mt Cameron Captured and Malty calls for Govenor Young to surrender
  • Govener of Hong Kong Surrender

    The govener of Hong Kong surrender on 25th December, 1941
  • !0,000 women being raped

    Over the month 10,000 women are raped
  • Hong Kong Dollars Replaced by the Japanese Military Yen

    Hong Kong Dollar was outlawed and replaced by the Japanese Military Yen. The exchange rate was fixed at 2 Hong Kong dollars to one million yen.
  • Police recruitment

    Police recruited to be Kempeitai
  • Repatriation of Chnese back to Mainland

    Repatriatation of Chinese back to the mainland
  • Internment

    Internment of most 'white' Allied civilians
  • Kowloon brigade was established

    The Hong Kong-Kowloon brigade(港九大隊) was established from the Guangdong People's anti-Japanese Guerilla forc led by Cai Guo-liang
  • Renaming of Streets and Buldings

    Streets and buildings in Cetral were renamed in Japanese
  • Food rationing begins

    Food rationing begins
  • British Army Aid Group

    The British Army Aid Group was formed by Colonel Lindsay Ride
  • Japanese control

    Public utilities handed over to Japanese control
  • Atomic Bomb by the US

    The US dropped an atomic bomb called the "Enola Gay" on hiroshima killing over 70,000 instantaneously
  • Atomic bomb on Nagasaki

    Another atomic bomb was dropped in Nagasaki
  • Japan Surrenders

    Japan finally surrenders
  • Hong Kong Handed over to The Royal Navy

    Hong Kong was handed over by Imperial Japanese Army to the Royal Navy
  • Fanklin Gimson Hong Kong's Colonial Secretary

    Franklin Gimson, Hong Kong's colonial secretary, declares himself interim govener
  • Accepts Japanese Surrender

    British Rear Admiral SIr Cecil Halliday Jepson Harcourts formally accepts the Japanese surrender. Mark Young resumes as Govener.
  • Liberation Day

    The "30th Augsust" was declared as the "Liberation Day"(Chinese:重光紀念日), and had been a public holiday in Hong Kong until 1967
  • General Takash Sakai

    General Takashi Sakai, is tried as a war criminal and executed on the afternoon of.