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Asian Americans -Sociology

  • Fillipinos first came to America.

    First recorded settlement of Filipinos in America. To escape imprisonment aboard Spanish galleons they jump ship in New Orleans and flee into the bayous of Louisiana.
  • Asian Indians arrive in the United states

    First recorded arrival of Asian Indians in the United States.
  • U.S. and China sign first treaty.

    U.S. and China sign first treaty.
  • First Chinese graduates from a US college

    Three Chinese students arrive in New York City for schooling. One of them,Yung Wing, graduates from Yale in 1854 and becomes the first Chinese to graduate from a U.S. college.
  • Chinese takeover

    First group of 195 Chinese contract laborers land in Hawaii.
    - Over 20,000 Chinese enter California.
    - Chinese first appear in court in California.
    - Missionary Willian Speer opens Presbyterian mission for Chinese in San Francisco.
  • US and Japan sign first treaty

  • Chinese excluded from San Francisco public schools

  • Japan sends its first diplomatic mission to U.S.

    Japan sends its first diplomatic mission to U.S.
  • - Anti-Chinese violence in Chico, California.- Japanese Christians set up Gospel Society in San Francisco, first immigrant association formed by the Japanese.

  • US and China sign treaty

  • Chinese Exclusions

    Chinese exclusion extended for another ten years.
    - Immigration officials and the police raid Boston's Chinatown and, without search warrants, arrest almost 250 Chinese who allegedly had no registration certificates on their persons.
  • Korean emigration ends.

  • Anti Asian Riot

    Anti-Asian riot in Vancouver.
    - Japanese nurserymen form California Flower Growers' Association.
    - Koreans establish Korean Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles.
    - Major earthquake in San Francisco destroys all municipal records, including immigration records, so Chinese immigrants are able to claim they are U.S. citizens and have the right to bring wives and children to America.
    - Japanese scientists studying the aftermath of the San Francisco earthquake are stoned.
  • California passes alien land law

  • Japanese form the Japanese Association of America

  • Law

  • - Anti-Filipino riot in Watsonville, California.

  • - Last ethnic strike in Hawaii.

  • Japanese attack America

    December 7 - Japanese planes attack Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. United States enters World War II.
    - After declaring war on Japan, 2,000 Japanese community leaders along Pacific Coast states and Hawaii are rounded up and interned in Department of Justice camps.
  • America drop Atomic Bomb

  • highly educated Chinese in the U.S. granted refugee status after China institutes a Communist government

  • Korean War begins

  • Korean War ends

  • California repeals its alien land laws.

  • Students strike at San Francisco State University to demand establishment of ethnic studies programs.

    Students strike at San Francisco State University to demand establishment of ethnic studies programs.
  • Students at the University of California, Berkeley, strike for establishment of ethnic studies programs.

  • The U.S. House of Representatives votes 243 to 141 to make an official apology to Japanese Americans and to pay each surviving internee $20,000 in reparations

  • President George Bush signs into law an entitlement program to pay each surviving Japanese American internee $20,000.