Asian community in the USA from 1800 to today

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    The most important reason for Chinese immigration during this period was economic hardships in China due to the growing British dominance over China after Britain defeated China in the Opium War of 1839-1842.
  • Gold Rush

    Gold Rush
    Gold is discovered in California.
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  • First influx of chinese in America

    First influx of chinese in America
    Chinese begin to arrive in USA to strike it riche :
    • First group of 195 Chinese contract laborers land in Hawaii.
    • Over 20,000 Chinese enter California.
  • Miners Taxes for Chinese

    Miners Taxes for Chinese
    In 1850, California imposed taxes to the alians miners, Chinese were compelled to pay the higher taxes.
  • God Rush end

    God Rush end
    A total of $2 billion worth of precious metal was extracted from the area during the Gold Rush, which peaked in 1852.
  • Railroad

    Fierce competition between 2 teams to build the first transcontinental railroad through the continent.
  • Yellow Peril

    Yellow Peril
    Yellow Peril (sometimes Yellow Terror) was a color metaphor for race, namely the theory that Asian peoples are a mortal danger to the rest of the world.
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  • The Exclusion Act

    The Exclusion Act
    • Chinese Exclusion Law banned the immigration of Chinese laborers to the United States. It was the first—although unfortunately not the last—institutionalized raciste suspends law to single out Asians in America.
    • Chinese Americans were prevented from : - owning lands
    - marrying US people
    - bringing their family for reuniting
  • Angel Island

    Angel Island
    From 1910-1940, Chinese immigrants were detained and interrogated at Angel Island immigration station in San Francisco Bay.
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  • End of the Yellow Peril

    End of the Yellow Peril
  • Immigration Wave of Asians (mostly Chinese) to America

    Immigration Wave of Asians (mostly Chinese) to America
  • Don Lee episode

    Don Lee episode
    Don Lee was 11 years old when he left his rural village in China's Guangdong Province to join his father in America in 1939. After three weeks crossing the Pacific in the steerage deck of a steamship, he was held for a month on Angel Island. "The whole place is really congested and full of strangers, so I was more scared than anything else," said Lee (81 years old) during a recent visit to the renovated barracks. (photography)
  • Angel Island

    Angel Island
    A 1940 fire destroyed the Angel Island administration building, so the U.S. government abandoned the immigration station.
    During World War II, Japanese, and German POWs were held on the Island.
  • Pearl Harbor bombing

    Pearl Harbor bombing
    Onslaugh of Pearl Harbor in Hawaï (which is the american naval base)
    Violence against Japanese Americans (or people who look like a japanese) : 2000 Japanese community leaders along Pacific Coast states and Hawaii are rounded up and interned in Department of Justice camps.
    Entry of USA in the World War II which reply with the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  • The us president writtes a letter in which he makes apologies to the camps survivors

    The us president writtes a letter in which he makes apologies to the camps survivors
  • 'Snow falling on Cedars' David Guterson, 1994

    'Snow falling on Cedars' David Guterson, 1994
    Book written after Pearl Harbor event (1994) in reaction to the unfair (unfounded) discrimination against Japanese Americans. Because they they physically looked like Japanese, more than 2000 americans were manhandled, expelled and sidelined. They were held into camps where they had really bad living conditions.
    The image is a photography of the Angel Island bunk beds.
  • Pearl Harbor Movie

    Pearl Harbor Movie
    Pearl Harbor is a 2001 American war film with romance and action elements directed by Michael Bay, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and written by Randall Wallace.
    Pearl Harbor is a dramatic retelling of the Blitz (7 September 1940 – 21 May 1941 : "lightning war" => German strategic failure), the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and the Doolittle Raid (18 April 1942 => First attack on Japanese Mainland).
    View the trailer :
  • Shanghai girls (book)

    Shanghai girls (book)
    Pearl is baffled at what goes on the set. She can’t stand seeing a thousand-year-old civilisation reduced to dumb servants subdued in front of their betters, the Westerners. She would rather stay poor than sell her pride and berates her sister for her choices. May is ambitious so she seizes any opportunity she finds to work her way up the social ladder. Although she starts from scratch, she won’t stay poor to suit her sister. She is determined to achieve success and to earn her living.