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  • World War Two Begins

    World War Two Begins
    Brittian declares war.
  • Japanese subs enter Sydney Harbour

    In May and June 1942 the war was brought home to Australians on the east coast when the Japanese attacked Sydney Harbour from the sea. In the late afternoon of 31 May 1942 three Japanese submarines, sitting about 13 kilometers out from Sydney Harbour, each launched a Type A midget submarine for an attack on shipping in Sydney Harbour. One of the Japanese midget subs fired a torpedo which sunk an Australian ship.
  • The Battle of Midway in the central Pacific

    The Battle of Midway in the central Pacific
    The Battle of Midway in the central Pacific takes place. Japanese naval power is checked with the loss of four aircraft carriers.
  • Japanese decide to attack Port Moresby overland

    Japanese command decided hat the advance on Port Moresby would be overland, from the north to the south. They began panning the landing that would take the Japanese forces across the Owen Stanley Range, via the Kokoda track, to Port Moresby
  • Kokoda Battle Begins

    Kokoda Battle Begins
    Forced to repel a Japanese invasion force, which landed at Gona on the North coast of Papua. The Australians fought in appaling conditions over te next four months. The japanese objective was to capture Port Moresby, the main Australian base in New Guinea, by an overland strike across the Owen Stanley Range. The most direct way across these rugged mountains was by a jungle pathway known as the Kokoda Track.
  • Cameron takes command of Maroubra Force

    Lieutenant-Colonel Allan Cameron arrives to take command of what was now called "Maroubra Force".
  • Second Kokoda

    Under Colonel Cameron the Australians counter attack from Deniki and retake Kokoda.
  • Major General Allen arrives at Port Moresby

    The 7th Australian Division is to reinforce the Australians along the Kokoda track. Its commander, Major General Allen, flies into Port Moresby.
  • Back to Isurava.

    Australians and the a few Papuan troops who had stayed with them had been forced back to Isurava.
  • Australians withdraw from Isurava

    In a series of rearguard actions the Australians, hotly pursued by the Japanese, fall back along Eora Creek through Templeton’s Crossing
  • Japanese defeated at Milne Bay

    The Japanese suffer their first land defeat of the war, by Australian troops, at Milne Bay.
  • Japanese attack at Efogi

    The Australians, holding two hills near Efogi, Mission Ridge and Brigade Hill, are again defeated and driven back by the Japanese.
  • Japanese gain control of Ioribaiwa Ridge

    After several days of heavy fighting, the Australian defences are shattered by the use of mountain gun fire. Shells burst in the tree foliage overhead, raining shell fragments onto the Australians below. The Japanese occupy Ioribaiwa Ridge and Australian forces pull back to Imita Ridge.
  • 25th Brigade attacked

     25th Brigade attacked
    25th Brigade attacked, and much to their surprise the Japanese almost immediately abandoned the elaborate defensive positions that they had constructed on Ioribaiwa Ridge. They began to retreat back up the Kokoda Trail towards the Gap and the northern side of the Owen Stanley Mountains.
  • Japanses Movement

    Japanses Movement
    The japanese had reached Templton's crossing and entrentched on the high ground on either side of the entrance to the Eora Creek Gorge. The 2nd Battalion, held this position for a week, before conducting a fighting retreat along the Eora Creek.
  • 25th Brigade Liberated Kokoda

    On this day the 25th brigade had finally liberated Kokoda and its viral airfield. Within a few days the airfield was lengthened which favoured the Australians dramaticly.
  • Kokoda ends

    Kokoda ends
    Australians had been fighting for four months now first to keep them from reach Port Moresby and then to push them back to the Owen Stanleys to their north coast strongholds at Buna, Gona and Sanananda. But on this day, it finally ended.
  • The Battle of Buna-Gona begins

    The Japanese, pursued back to their main base in Papua, dig in around Gona, Sanananda and Buna. The Australians and Americans attacked them there.
  • Gona falls to the Australians

    Gona falls to the Australians.
  • Buna falls to the Australians and Americans

    Buna falls to the Australians and Americans.
  • Papuan Campaign ends

    Official end to this campaign.
  • World War Two Ends

    World War Two Ends
    World War Two was over as most countries had surrendered such as Germany to the Western Allies (including Brittian and the U.S) on May the 8th and to Russia on May the 9th.
    In the East, the war ended when Japan surrendered on August 5th, signing their surrender on September 2nd.