Quinn master piece

By cmslib3
  • Contact Lens

    Marvin gets the contact lens out of the bath room pipe
  • James Birthday

    james has his birthday, and it is very cayotic
  • A present for James

    James gets a bottle of ink, and an art pen from his dad for his birthday
  • Marvins master piece

    Marvin wants to give James a precent so he draws a picture for him
  • A new person

    Marvin and James meet each other.
  • Master piece

    Marvin draws a master piece with Jamses ink he got for his birthday.
  • The Museum

    Marvin goes with James and his father toan art museam.
  • Marvin is Lost

    Christina slaps Marvin off of Jamses sholder when she sees him.
  • Finding the picture

    The beetles need to get Marvins picture out of James room so they do not get dicovered.
  • Marvin is found

    James finds Marvin the naxt day in the office.
  • Great Picture

    Christina, and Denny see the picture Marvin has made
  • A day off

    Marvin and his family go on a picnic together .
  • A dangerous turtle

    Marvin, and his cousin go adventuring when thier family was still having the picnic and get attacked by Jamses pet turtle
  • Discoverd

    Marvin finds out that Denny was the one who had stollen the Durer pictures.
  • Picking locks

    Marvin, and James picked Mr. Perrys lock toget into his apartment.
  • James breaks his arm

    James gets his arm shut in the trunk of a cab.
  • The breif case

    Marvin shows James that the breif case belonged to denny, and thy had to keep Denny from getting it.
  • The pictures are found

    James gets back to the museum and showss the pictures he found in Dennys brief case to Christina and Karl.
  • Story time

    Marvin gets home and tells his great adventure to all of his freinds and relatives.
  • Cool Pictures

    Marvin goes into Jamses room and sees the pictures that he first drew