Leliah's Timeline

  • Colossus

    During 1934, Colossus was the first electonic computer. The helped in the war with the allies
  • martin Cooper

    martin Cooper
    in !954 Martin Cooper worked on the first handheld police radio. He was also the first one to make a phone call using a cell phone.
  • Nova minicomputer

    Nova minicomputer
    In 1968 the Nova minicomputer was introduced. It held 32 kilobytes and was sold for $8,000.
  • Email

    Ray Tomlinson sent the first email in 1971. This all happened when he was given the task to do something new to ARPANET
  • Apple II

    Apple II
    In 1976, the Apple II was announced as the first complete computer. However it was announced after 200 other machines made by the company were sold.
  • Daniel Hills

    Daniel Hills
    1986-Daniel Hills developed a machine that used up to 65,536 processors could complete seven million operations per second. Each one of the processors had their own little memory that linked with another network that users can use without reprogramming rather the rewiring.
  • Internet

    In 1992 Internet was invented. It got its name because it is a bunch of computers internally connected to each other. (InterNetworks)
  • the second generation ipod

    the second generation ipod
    2000 Apple introduces the second generation ipod, which was compatible with windows and was able to hold up to 4,000 songs.
  • Ipod music store

    Ipod music store
    2003 Apple made the ipod music store, where you can buy songs for $.99 each. They also came out with another ipod that held 7500 songs and was lighter than two CDs
  • Ipod Nano

    Ipod Nano
    September 2005 the ipod nano was introduced and soon became the best selling music player ever. It replaced the recent best selling ipod, the ipod mini.