Presidential Election Process

  • MaCain contiunues fundrasing

  • Period: to

    Presidental Election Process

  • Obama's Fundrasising Dinner

    Obama hosts a fundraising event to make money to help support/start his campain
  • McCain presents himself on ABC

  • Obama starts to show his views

    He makes a speech in a shopping-bag
  • Obama held Christmas fundraiser

  • Primaries

    Primary - a prelminary election in which voters of each part nominate candidates for office, party officers, etc.
    Closed Primary - A party-nominating election in which only delcared party members can vote.
    Open Primary - A party-nominating in which any qualified voter can take part.
    Caucus - As a nominating device, a group of like-minded people who meet to select the candidates they will support in an upcoming election.
  • State Primary types (part 1)

    Alabama - open
    Alaska - closed
    Arizona - closed
    Arkansas - open
    California - open for democrates and independents, closed for republicans
    Colorado - closed
    Connecticut - closed
    Delaware - closed
    Florida - closed
    Georgia - open
    Hawaii - closed
    Idaho - both
    Illinois - must vote the same as last time
    Indiana - open
    Iowa - may change sides at registration
    Kansas - open for democrates, closed for republicans
    Kentucky - closed
    Louisiana - closed
    Maine - closed
  • State Primary types (part 4)

    South Carolina - open
    South Dakota - closed
    Tennessee - open
    Texas - open
    Utah - closed
    Vermont - open
    Virginia - open
    Washington - open
    West Virginia - both
    Wisconsin - open
    Wyoming - closed
  • State Primary types (part 2)

    Maryland - closed
    Massachusetts - closed for democrates and republicans but open for independent
    Michigan - open
    Minnesota - open
    Mississippi - open
    Missouri - open
    Montana - open for democrates closed for republicans
    Nebraska - closed
    Nevada - closed
    New Hampshire - closed for democrates and republicans, open for independents
    New Jersey - closed for democrates and republicans, open for independents
  • State Primary Types (part 3)

    New Mexico - closed
    New York - closed
    North Carolina - closed
    North Dakota - open
    Ohio - must vote the same as previous year
    Oklahoma - closed
    Oregon - closed
    Pennsylvania - closed
    Rhode Island - closed, must pick a party and stick with it if you are unaffiliated
  • Iowa Primary

    Obama (38) and McCain (34)
  • Wyoming Primary

    Obama wins (61), Romney (67)
  • New Hampshire

    Clinton (39), McCain (37)
  • Michigain Primary

    Clinton (55), McCain (39)
  • South Carolina Primary

    Obama (55) ,McCain (33)
  • Nevada Primary

    Clinton (51), Romney (51)
  • Florida Primary

    Clinton (50), McCain (36)
  • Maine Primary

    (),McCain ()
  • Alabama Primary

    Obama (56), Huckabee(41)
  • Alaska Primary

    Obama (75), Romney(44)
  • America Samoa Primary

    Clinton (57), McCain (100)
  • Arizona Primary

    Clinton, McCain
  • Arkansas Primary

    Clinton, Huckabee
  • California Primary

    Clinton, McCain
  • Colorado Primary

    Obama, Romney
  • Connecticut Primary

    Obama, McCain
  • Delaware Primary

    Obama, McCain
  • Georgia Primary

    Obama, Huckabee
  • Idaho Primary

    Obama, McCain
  • Illinois Primary

    Obama, McCain
  • Kansas Primary

    Obama, Huckabee
  • Massachusetts Primary

    Clinton, Romney
  • Minnesota Primary

    Obama, Romney
  • Missouri Primary

    Obama, McCain
  • Montana Primary

    Obama, Romney
  • New Jersey Primary

    Clinton, McCain
  • New Mexico Primary

    Clinton, McCain
  • New York Primary

    Obama, Romney
  • North Dakota Primary

    Obama, Romney
  • Oklahoma Primary

    Clinton, McCain
  • Tennessee Primary

    Clinton, Huckabee
  • Utah Primary

    Obama, Romney
  • Louisana

    Obama, Huckabee
  • Virgin Islands Primary

    Obama, McCain
  • Washing Primary

    Obama, McCain
  • D.C. Primary

    Obama, McCain
  • Maryland Primary

    Obama, McCain
  • Virinigia Primary

    Obama, Clinton
  • Rhode Island Primary

    Clinto, McCain
  • Ohio Primary

    Clinton, McCain
  • Texas Primary

    Clinton, McCain
  • Vermont

    Obama, McCain
  • Pennsylvaina Primary

    Clinton, McCain
  • IndianaPrimary

    Clinton McCain
  • North carolina Primary

    Obama, McCain
  • Indiana Primary

    Clinton, McCain
  • North Carolina Primary

    Obama, McCain
  • obama is still rasing money for his campain

  • MaCain hosts a politic show, expressing his views

  • West Virgina

    Clinton, McCain
  • West Virigina Primary

    Clinton, McCain
  • Kentucy Primary

    Clinton, McCain
  • Orgen Primary

    Obama, McCain
  • Kentucky Primary

    Clinton, McCain
  • Oregon Primary

    Obama, McCain
  • Puerto Rico Primary

    Clinton McCain
  • Montana Primary

  • SouthDakota Primary

  • South Dakota Primary

    Clinton, McCain
  • Democratic Convention

    -Denver Colorado is where the convention took place.
    -Barack, Obama and Joe Biden were elected to be there nominated canidate for the election.
    -Nancy Pelsoi was the chair holder.
  • Obama declared a canadate for the presidency

  • Party Convetions

  • Republican Convention

  • Obama visits Maine to greet some suppporters

  • Obama holds large dinner to raise money and greet new supporters

  • Popular vote results (Obama)

    California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, D.C., Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachussetts, Michigan, Minnesota Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin
  • Primary Results (McCain)

    Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oaklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, West Virignia, Utah, Wyoming
  • Obama is inaugurated

    -The presidential inauguration is on January the 20th because of the 20th amendement which removes the previous President and Vice president from office and swears in the new one.