Danny's Life till now

  • Born

    Daniel Keyes was born
    6.4 pounds
    blonde hair and blue hazel eyes
  • Period: to


  • First Word

    First Word
    Dada was his first word
  • First teeth

    First teeth
    Danny grew his baby teeth
  • Rock in the Head

    Rock in the Head
    Danny got hit with a rock in the head by his older sister Kaitie.
  • Preschool Graduate

    Preschool Graduate
    Danny graduated preschool with his older brother Jake.
  • School

    Danny starts kindergarden.
  • Disney land

    Disney land
    Danny loved amusement rides so him and his family went to disney land. He went on the scariest ride called Expidition Everest.
  • First Play, Toucan

    First Play, Toucan
    Danny got a lead in his school play called a Rumpus in the Rainforest, He got the main conflict lead named Toucan, It was hard to remember the lines in the show but I got them all right.
  • Second Play, Luis Howe

    Second Play, Luis Howe
    Danny played a lead in the Play Annie and did not want to leave the cast party
  • 3rd Play, Salesman Joe

    Danny played a role in The Music Man named Salesman Joe.
  • 5th grade Graduation

    Danny graduates Elementary school and had a Hawiian party Theme.
  • Doing this

    Today now Danny is doing this timeline for his class info tech