Civil war

Events leading up to the Civil War

  • Wilmont Proviso

    CA and surrounding "states" would be free states, not slave states
  • Mexican American War

    Mexican American War
  • Gold Discovered in California!

    Gold Discovered in California!
    people rushed to California
  • California was added to the Union

    California was added to the Union
    free state, grew in population so much so that it was adopted by the Constitution
  • Compromise of 1850

    Compromise of 1850
    Popular Sovereignty
    Fugative Slave Act - harsh terms, slaves not entitled to a jury
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin

    Uncle Tom's Cabin
    controversial on issue of slavery
  • Kansas-Nebraska Act

    Kansas-Nebraska Act
    repelled the Missouri Compromise
    established Popular Soverignty for both territories
    introduced by: Stephen Douglass
  • Republican Party Est.

    Republican Party Est.
  • Dred Scott vs. Sanford

    Dred Scott vs. Sanford
    Congress could not prevent slavery in any part of the territories
  • "Bleeding Kansas"

    "Bleeding Kansas"
    John Brown, he and some friends killed some abolitionists.... which created controversy
  • Harpers Ferry

    Harpers Ferry
    John Brown and some friends attempted to break into a federal arsonal to arm slaves attempt at a slave revolt in VA Troops captured Brown and his men Brown was hanged by the state of Va
  • Lincoln's Election

    Lincoln's Election
    Election of 1860
  • SC secession

    SC secession