Sigmund Freud

  • Freud's Birth (:

    Freud's Birth (:
    Simund Freud was born in Czech Republic.
  • frued moved

    in 1860 freud moved to vienna austria and settled in a jewish neighborhood.
  • gymnasium

    freud began attending gymnasium
  • freud graduated

    Freud graduated summa cum laude from his secondary school and began studying medicine at the University of Vienna. (:
  • changed name

    changed his name from sigismund to sigmund.
  • degree

    freud got his doctor degree in medicine
  • publish

    published his monograph on cocaine.
  • private

    Began his own private practice and married Martha Bernays.
  • secondary

    Began formulating his seduction theory
  • published

    published the three essays of sexuality
  • arrested

    freuds wife was arrested and freud, his wife and his children moved to london.
  • freud's death

    freud's death
    sigmund freud died of cancer in london. :(