Brett Coffey

  • Ralph

    Ralph gets the conch and uses it to try and get the others to come.
  • Jack

    He at first doesn't take his job as being a hunter sseriously, but once he gets the first kill he becomes blood thristy and more like a savage.
  • Simon

    While everyone is dancing around the fire he emerges from the forest at night and everyone thinks he is the beast, and he is murdered. Even though he screamed out he still ends up being killed. His body goes into the ocean due to the storm.
  • Piggy

    Piggy ends up being killed when the boulder is rolled down the mountian by Roger.
  • Roger

    Roger is the one that ends up killing Piggy because he rolls a boulder off the top of Castle Rock and it hits Piggy, who falls off the cliff.
  • Eric and Sam

    Eric and Sam
    One of them was willing to help them, and the whole time the two of them are fighting with themselves over helping him or not.